10 Popular Torrentz2 Proxy and Free Alternative Websites

Updated on May 27, 2022 | By Kanika Singh

Torrentz was one of the most known sites in the world of torrenting. For several years, it has satisfied many people’s need to view new movies and series for free. However, internet content management authorities were not liking it, as it was providing free movies and shows which was against law, therefore, they shut it down permanently.

Nevertheless, the affection for Torrentz never died among people, therefore, within a short time span of its closure, Torrentz2 came into the picture and started providing people with their daily dose of entertainment.

However, due to its increased popularity, it did not take much time for Torrentz2 to get noticed by concerned authorities, and they again blocked the website. But Torrentz2 is never coming to an end, it made its comeback with a new domain, soon after which several similar websites started emerging, which are known as Torrentz2 proxy websites. Nowadays, a number of these websites can be found on the internet, all with the same features as the original website was offering.

It has become an everyday story when some of these get blocked and many others arise. Listed further in the article, are the top 10 Torrentz2 proxy websites, on which you can rely to meet your daily entertainment requirements.

Disclaimer: The material in this article is strictly for informational purposes. We do not support the usage of websites that host content that has been copied from various other sources. We instead caution our visitors to be wary of these websites since they can destroy their systems and steal their personally identifiable information. Furthermore, if access to Torrentz2, its equivalents, or similar websites is prohibited in your region, you should not visit or access them by any means of reactivating them. Engaging in such an activity might put you in serious legal trouble.

List of Torrentz2 Proxy Sites

Here is the list of the top 10 proxy sites of the Torrentz2 website. All of these websites work the same as the original Torrentz used to work before its permanent closure. 


Note: At the time of writing this article, all the sites were working. However, due to restrictions imposed by ISPs and other concerned authorities, many of these sites might get blocked in your area or remain no longer accessible. 

What Happened to Torrentz2? Is it Shut Down?

Although the Torrentz2 website claims to be a metasearch engine where torrent links are not hosted, rather, suggestions to download torrent files from different websites are shown, it still faced its closure. 

As you already know, the distribution and downloading of torrent files of movies and shows that are telecasted on different paid or unpaid platforms is illegal. Torrentz2 provides the links to download such illegal files from different untrusted sources, due to which it started being recognized as an unauthorized source to download movies, shows, and other similar content, and therefore, met its fate and was shut down by concerned authorities in certain parts of the world.

How to Unblock Torrentz2?

If you have been looking for Torrentz2 on the internet but couldn’t find it, it’s because it might be blocked in your area. However, there are ways to unblock Torrentz2, two of which are listed below:

  • Use Torrentz2 Proxy Sites: Proxy sites are websites similar to the original one. They work almost the same way as does the actual website. Therefore, to unblock Torrentz2, you can visit any of the proxy sites provided in this article and search for any movie or show you want to watch.
  • Use VPN: VPN (Virtual Private Network), is one of the most useful inventions when it comes to surfing the internet. By connecting to a VPN, you can maintain your anonymity on the internet, your IP address cannot be traced, and your internet identity cannot be identified. VPNs are easily available on the internet, you can download any of them on your system and connect to any of the countries’ servers where you think Torrentz2 is not banned. After doing so, you will be able to access Torrentz2 or its proxy sites that were earlier showing ‘Not Accessible’ or ‘Blocked’ messages.

How to download movies from Torrentz2 and proxy sites?

What is the use of unblocking Torrentz2 and proxy sites, when you will not be able to download shows and movies from there? Torrent files from these websites cannot be downloaded by simply visiting the site and clicking on the download link. To do so, you are required to have a torrent downloader installed on your device, one very popular among them all is, uTorrent.

In order to know how you can use uTorrent to download movies and shows, follow the steps listed below:

Step-1: Download VPN 

If you haven’t downloaded the VPN yet, then it is advised that you download it right away. Downloading movies or shows torrent files is illegal, therefore, in order to not get recognized, use VPN.

After downloading and installing it, open it and change your location by choosing any other country listed in the VPN, and connect.

Step-2: Download uTorrent

After you are done with the VPN installation, you are required to download uTorrent software on your system. You can download it by visiting its official website. Also, before downloading it, make sure that you are downloading the correct software as per your system’s compatibility.

Once the uTorrent software is downloaded, right-click on the downloaded file, select Open and the installation will start. 

On the installation screen of uTorrent, you will be asked to select the file type which you would like to download using the software. There, select the option for all the following:

  • BitTorrent files (.torrent)
  • Magnet URIs.
  • BitTorrent Search Engine files (.btsearch)

Also, within the same installation screen, check the option allowing the addition of uTorrent as an exception in Windows Firewall.

Then, proceed with the installation process.

Step-3: Configure uTorrent

After the installation of uTorrent, open it up and set the location where you want to save the downloaded files, following are the steps:

  1. Inside uTorrent, click on ‘Options’.
  2. Select Preferences and then Directories.
  3. Within the Directories page, under the ‘Put New Download in’ option, click on the three dots icon and select the folder where you want to save the downloaded files.
  4. At last, click Apply.

Step-4: Download Files from Torrentz2

Before proceeding with this process, ensure that you are connected to VPN and have chosen a country where Torrentz2 or its proxy sites are not blocked.

After doing so, here are the steps that you have to follow to complete the download:

  1. Visit the Torrentz2 proxy website, type the name of the movie or show you want to download and search.
  2. Thereafter, you will be shown a list of related search results, along with their magnet links. Click on the magnet link that you find most suitable.
  3. A browser pop-up will show up, where you have to click on the ‘Open uTorrent’ option.
  4. After that, the file will start downloading in uTorrent, and you will be notified once the download gets completed.
  5. To view the movie or show, you can open the uTorrent, double-click on the downloaded file and the video will start playing, or you can go to the location you specified in the earlier step and view it from there.

Top 10 Free and Safe Alternatives to Torrentz2

Downloading movies from extratorrents websites like Torrentz2 and its proxy is not only unauthorized but can also be very dangerous for your system. It is so because, many times, torrent files available on these websites contain viruses, which damages your computer and puts your privacy at risk.

Therefore, if you want to prevent yourself from dealing with such situations and also want a free source for watching movies and shows, then do check out the list of websites provided here.

These websites can be used as an alternative to Torrentz2 and its proxy website and can be used to view content online without downloading them into your system and putting its security and health at stake. Most of these websites are ad-driven, therefore, you need not buy any subscription plan for viewing their content.

1. TubiTV

  • TubiTV is one of the most popular platforms that provides its users with free movies and shows.
  •  All the movies and shows present here are in high definition quality, which can be adjusted to lower qualities as well, according to internet data and speed availability. 
  • The website is ad-driven and is totally free to view any of the movies or shows.
  • Users need not register or sign in to view their content.
  • The platform has a very interactive user graphical interface, which doubles the joy of watching.
  • More than 25 genres are present on the website to choose from.

Website Link: https://tubitv.com/home

2. Vumoo

  • Vumoo is a video streaming platform that is absolutely free for all users and is the second-best alternative to Torrentz2 and its proxy sites.
  • The website shows a lot of advertisements, which is their sole source of revenue, because of which the platform is freely available.
  • Both movies and web series, from different categories, can be found here.
  • Although videos are present in high definition, the quality is not adjustable.

Website Link: https://vumoo.to/

3. Vudu

  • Vudu is a movie and show streaming platform,  where the content of popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, etc. can be found.
  • Some movies and shows are available for free, but not all. 
  • Users can take desired content on rent or buy them individually. Users just have to pay for the videos they want to watch.
  • A lot of genres are present on the website, from where users can choose their favourite category to view more streamlined content.
  • Vudu also has its mobile and desktop applications available for iOS/ Android and Windows, respectively.

Website Link: https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/home

4. Yes Movies

  • YesMovies is one of the most interesting and engaging platforms to binge-watch popular movies and shows.
  • Website and separate categories for movies and web series, which are further divided into more than 20 genres.
  • Users can even change their preference for viewing content according to their country.
  • All the videos are available in high definition and along with various options to adjust video qualities according to users’ liking.
  • Videos are also downloadable, along with captions.
  • Users can even change the language of the videos from the available language options.
  • Content of popular platforms is available here.
  • YesMovies also has its mobile app which is available only for Android OS.

Website Link: https://yesmovies.mn/home

5. PopcornFlix

  • PopcornFlix is yet another popular alternative to Torrentz2. The platform is 100% free and no subscription plan is required to be purchased to view its content.
  • The platform offers a variety of shows and movies from different genres.
  • It has a very responsive user interface and can be used to view videos on various types of devices.
  • The website generates its revenue from displaying ads, therefore, in order to watch its content you have to turn off any ad-blocker installed in your browser, otherwise, the platforms won’t work.

Website Link: https://www.popcornflix.com/

6. 123Movies

  • This platform is a paradise for all movie and show lovers, as it is undoubtedly free.
  • Movies and shows from more than 25 categories can be found here.
  • It is a great alternative to not just Torrentz2, but any other torrent website.
  • All the movies and shows are easily accessible and can be viewed online.
  • Popular and trending content released on different OTT platforms is present on 123 Movies.

Website Link: https://w-123movies.com/home/

7. Pluto TV

  • Pluto TV is a media streaming website that works as a live TV and is totally free of cost and thereby become one of the best alternatives to Torrentz2 and its proxy websites.
  • Here, 75+ TV channels are present which can be used to view movies and shows, running live.
  • Other than shows and movies, the platform can also be used to view sports and news.
  • Moreover, if you somehow missed your daily episode of any TV show, you can view it by selecting the time at which it was telecasted on the specified channel.
  • This platform contains dedicated channels of popular streaming platforms.

Website Link: https://pluto.tv/tv/pluto-tv-spotlight

8. MoviesFoundOnline

  • MoviesFoundOnline is yet another best alternative to the Torrentz2 proxy website. This platform can be used to watch not only popular shows and movies, but also award-winning short films, documentaries, animations, and stand-up comedy videos.
  • All the available content is divided into several genres, which makes it a lot easier to find the desired video.
  • The website has separate sections, featuring recently added and latest videos.
  • One unique feature of the platform is that it has a huge collection of old movies and series.

Website Link: https://moviesfoundonline.com/

9. CMovies

  • Cmovies is an ad-driven movie and shows viewing website.
  • A lot of new web series and movies can be found on this website that are trending on different OTT platforms.
  • This website has a dedicated section for top IMDB rated content
  • Separate sections for movies and series makes it easy to browse through all the available videos.
  • All the series present on the website have their all seasons, with entire episodes arranged sophistically for binge-watching.

Website Link: https://cmovies.online/

10. Soap2Day

  • The platform is a very popular choice among people of different age groups to stream series and shows online.
  • The website contains a lot of animation movies, suitable for small children and also, the content of complicated plots, for grown-ups.
  • Movies from famous OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. are readily available here.
  • Most of the videos are presented in high quality.
  • Since the website is generating its profit by showing ads, and therefore, takes no subscription fees from users and is freely available.

Website Link: https://wvw.ssoap2day.to/

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