Amazon login: An Insight to the Largest Marketplace to Ever Exist

Updated on September 20, 2021 | By Manav Kumar

Table of Contents

  1. Products and services offered by Amazon
  2. Steps to sign-up on Amazon
  3. Steps to log in to Amazon
  4. Recover Amazon account when two-step verification fails
  5. Steps to log out of Amazon account
  6. Reset Amazon account password
  7. Conclusion

Twenty years ago, if I would’ve said that Amazon will become the largest online marketplace, people would’ve called me a madman. But luck favors the brave or to put it in Jeff Bezos’ wise words, “I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate.”

For those of you who are unaware as to what Amazon is, it is the largest online marketplace on the planet and was founded by none other than Jeff Bezos, a self-made billionaire. It all started way back in 1994 when Amazon was just a marketplace for books. 

From there, it all went uphill for Jeff and Amazon. Tons of services including your beloved Amazon Prime Video were announced in the coming years. It even has an application by the same name where users can log in to their Amazon account using the app to access the marketplace on the go.

Creating an account on Amazon is child’s play, but still, some people manage to confuse themselves. 

In case you are one such individual who wants to create, access, or even recover their Amazon account, well, we happen to have the perfect blog for you as today’s blog will shed light on the login processes along with the password recovery of an Amazon account for all operating systems.

But before we get into that, let us get to know about some of the known services that made Amazon what it is today. 

Products and services offered by Amazon

Amazon Prime

In the year of 2005, Amazon announced a brilliant service by the name of Amazon Prime. It was a membership subscription that offered free two-day shipping on all sorts of purchases for a mere $79 per year. Gradually, Amazon launched the service all over the globe. It was launched in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom in 2007, France in 2008, Italy in 2011, Canada in 2013, and India in 2016. 

The Prime membership had a lot to offer apart from just free shipping. Prime photos, Prime music, and Amazon video are some of the major perks of Prime membership. In 2016, Amazon started offering the option of monthly payment for Prime memberships.

Consumer Electronics

Amazon’s very own reading platform. Kindle was launched way back in 2007. In simpler terms, it is an e-reader that downloads content from a certain website via a wireless network. A pretty solid display along with minimal battery consumption is offered by Kindle, thanks to the e-ink technology. 

As many as 2.7 million e-books are available for purchase at the Kindle store and this stat is 7 years old, so one can only imagine how many more new e-books have been added up till now. Not only this, the Amazon Fire TV set-top box system was announced by Amazon in 2014. 

Apart from Amazon, it also offers streaming services of other OTT platforms such as HULU and Netflix. After this, came a premium smartphone by the name of Fire phone, but the production of this device was discontinued a year later due to the poor reception and sales from people all over the world. 

Amazon Echo, a smart speaker that can also be commanded via voice came in the market and took it by storm. A couple of years later in 2016, Echo dot, a smaller and more compatible version of this speaker was launched by Amazon.

Amazon Drive

Known by many as the cloud drive, Amazon Drive, to put it bluntly, is a cloud storage application that offers secured cloud storage, file sharing, photo printing, and file synchronization as well. One can simply use an Amazon account to transfer and manage files and folders from multiple devices such as web browsers, desktop applications, mobiles, and even tablets. 

Users from US origin also get the added benefit of ordering photo prints and photo books with the use of Amazon Prints Service. 

All in all, Amazon photos is a service that focuses on storing, organizing, and sharing photos and videos. Unlimited storage for photos in their original format, which also includes several RAW files is offered to prime users. 

These three are some of the many services that are offered by Amazon to users. 

Let us now get to know how one can create an Amazon account with relative ease.

Steps to sign-up on Amazon

  • Open your web browser and enter this link, or you can simply access the Amazon desktop app, to begin with.
  • From there, click on the “create a new Amazon account” option.
  • Now, type a suitable user name. After this, enter a phone number or an email address to connect with your account.
  • In the next window, type a strong password that is easy to remember and click on continue.
  •  On the next page, you will need to enter the OTP (one-time password) in the given space and click on verify. 

Note: Keep in mind to always use a valid mobile number before making an account since adding a valid mobile number is important for the creation of a new account while adding an email address is optional.

You will be able to keep up with the following after you have made an Amazon account;

  • Users will be able to check order history 
  • Allows the user to update the communication preferences.
  • View their Amazon pay balance
  • Will be able to track their orders
  • Allows users to leave reviews on products
  • Will be able to create wish lists
  • Allows users to update their recommendations along with their profile
  • Users can change account settings.

Now that we know about the services, let us take a look at the steps that can help us to access our Amazon account with relative ease.

Steps to login to Amazon 

  • Begin by opening your web browser and visiting the login page of
  • As soon as the sign-in screen appears, you will need to type your Amazon login ID and password.

And just like that, you can complete the login process of

Note: The method remains the same for when a user wants to log in to Amazon Prime. 

One of the major advantages that Amazon offers is that it lets the users use their Amazon username and password along with the sharing of information with the third-party websites or applications that are participating. To access your account on third-party apps or sites, take a look at the steps that are given below;

  • Visit a website or an application that offers login with Amazon.
  • From there, select the button that says “login with Amazon”. A sign-in screen hosted by Amazon will pop up.

Note: All of the apps and websites registered with login with Amazon always offer a sign-in screen along with an Amazon web address. No third party will ever directly ask for your Amazon password.

  • Now, you will need to fill in your username and password correctly. 
  • In case you are signing in to a website or app for the very first time, a window will pop up, asking for your consent to share certain information from your profile. Hit okay if you feel comfortable enough to share this information. 
  • In the next window, you will get redirected to the website or the application as a registered user or you will be prompted to complete the registration.

Plenty of users also access their accounts via two-step verification as it adds an extra layer of protection to your login.

  • Once you have entered your account password correctly, an OTP (one-time-password) will be sent to you on your registered mobile number.
  • Simply enter the OTP in the given space and click on the sign-in option.

This method is a bit different from the conventional sign-in procedures.

But what if the two-step verification fails and you are unable to access your Amazon account, make good use of the steps that are given below to recover your account.

Steps to recover Amazon account when two-step verification fails

Before you move forward with the account recovery, try to access your account with a registered backup method or with the help of a trusted device. If you can’t do so, simply visit this site and try to access your account to make the necessary changes since Amazon can’t make any changes to the two-step verification process until your identity has been verified.

  • Begin with your account recovery by entering this link, in the search bar of your web browser
  • In the next window, you will need to follow the instructions given on the screen to upload a government issues photo identity document. Some of the identity proofs that are acceptable include;
  • A state ID card
  • A state-issued driver license 
  • A voter registration card

The verification process may take up to 2 business days to complete. Once it is done, the two-step verification for your account will be disabled automatically. An email will be sent to you confirming that the feature has been disabled. 

Note: Keep in mind to make sure that the name, email address, and the issuing authority, that is, the state or country should be visible. You can remove any sort of sensitive information just like account numbers or identification numbers.

Many people often find it confusing to sign out of their Amazon account. Let us take a look at the simple steps that one can use to log out of their Amazon account.

Steps to log out of Amazon account

  • On the homepage of your account, click on the “accounts and listsoption from the top right corner of your screen, to begin with.
  • Expand the menu and then, from the list of options that appear on your screen, click on the “sign-out” button.

If you are using the Amazon shopping app, use the steps given below to sign out of the application. The steps remain the same for both android and iPhone devices.

For Mobile Phones

  • Launch the Amazon application on your device
  • From there, click on the menu to select the “settingsoption to click on the sign-out option.

For iPad devices

  • Similar to other methods, launch the application
  • Click on “hello” (your username) to proceed further.
  • Hit the sign-out button to finish

Let us now take a look at the simple steps that one can use to recover their password in case they forgot it. 

Reset Amazon account password

  • Now, enter your email address or your mobile number that is connected with your Amazon account when prompted and then click on continue. An OTP (one-time-password) will be sent to you on your mobile number or email address, depending upon what method you chose. 
  • Now, simply enter the OTP that you received in the given space and click on continue. Create a new and better password for your account to finish.

These simple steps can be used to recover your Amazon password without much fuss.


Amazon is a multi-million-dollar company that has been offering tons of great products and services to people all over the globe for quite a while now. Users can access the Prime subscription with the same since all of the services of Amazon can be accessed with the use of the same username and password. 

The subscription can be bought at a reasonable rate for a month and if you find it good enough, you can renew your subscription the following month. Simply register today on Amazon and log in to experience the site that is full of amazing services and products.For any further queries or login help, you can simply visit the help and support center of Amazon to get all the answers. 

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