Android TV: How to Set Up an Android TV in 2022?

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Every human being can relate to the daily dose of entertainment and drama that this piece of machinery has been offering ever since it was made available for public use way back in 1934. Safe to say that the dusty old cathode ray guy has changed a lot.

The modern-day television sets are nothing short of an example of impeccable technology bonded with perfect structures. People have seen the evolution of TV sets. 

From having cable connections to supporting OTT platforms, a lot has changed, courtesy of Android TVs. If the concept of Android TVs is foreign to you, but you bought one to keep up with the society and technology of today’s world, worry not as we have got you covered. 

Today’s blog will shed light on the popular question of Quora that goes like this, “How do I set up my Android TV?” 

But before we begin, a little piece of history for you that is related to how the idea of Android TVs came into existence. 

The Story of Android TV

Ever since Google shut down the services of Google TV, a new beast crept up from the sidelines, slowly making it into the mainstream market. Android TV. Android TVs made their debut in 2014 and took the world by storm. 

As the name suggests, the whole concept of an Android TV is based upon the Android operating system and was developed by Google for all sorts of media players, be it soundbars, set-top boxes, or television sets for that matter. 

This further allows users to access all of the features of an Android along with the beloved Google Play Store and all the applications that it offers on a big screen.

Apart from all this, the interface makes it pretty easy for users to operate the system and the addition of Google cast support makes the experience even better. To add to that, users also get the option of accessing all of the Android games along with the applications that are available, with everything being accessible with a single remote. 

But for all that to be accessible, one has to go through the set-up process for their Android TV. They cannot access anything before that. Contrary to popular belief, setting up your Android TV can be a real pain in the rear if you do not know the correct steps or the correct order of things. 

In case you find it difficult to move forward with the setup process for your newly bought Android TV, well, you are in luck as the later part of this section will shed light on the same. 

Similar to Android devices, Android TVs also require the “first-boot install setup”. The same can be executed in a couple of ways, be it with the use of a web browser on your respective device, or one can simply make use of their remote to the deed of entering the details manually. Users get the option of choosing from either of the two. 

But before you begin, keep in mind that there are a couple of pre-processing rituals that one has to do in order to proceed any further with the same. 

Prerequisites/ Pre-Setup Essentials for Installation of an Android TV

Before you move any further with the Androidtv com setup, one should ensure that they have the things that are mentioned below;

  • A strong and stable internet connection
  • An account on the platform of Google

In case your television set doesn’t have an in-built Android operating system, you will also need the following;

  • A monitor or TV with multiple HDMI ports
  • HDMI cable that comes with the box itself
  • An external source, such as an Android device
  • HDCP support 

And the moment you have all of these things ready in store, begin with the initial installation process for your Android TV. 

Pair Android TV with the Remote Via Initial Installation Process

The basic setup stage is pretty simple and you can skip straight to the good part in case you have already done this. If you haven’t done the same, take a look at the information given below;

  • Use your Google account for the registration process
  • Choose the language of your choice
  • You can choose whether there is a need for Google assistant or not
  • Install the applications of your choice

After doing this, follow the steps that are given below;

  • Start the process by connecting an HDMI cable with your Android TV. This can be done with the use of the manual that is generally provided at the time of the purchase of the Android TV.
  • For the next step, you will be asked to make use of your Android device to set up your TV. In case you have an Android device, choose the “Continue” button, else you can hit the “skip” button to proceed further. 

Once you are done with this, you need to pair the Android TV with the remote and the steps for doing the same are pretty simple. Just follow the steps given below in the correct order to do the same.

  • Begin the proceedings by turning on the monitor that has been attached to the TV by you or the Android TV itself.
  • From there, you will simply need to follow the instructions that pop up on your screen for the process of pairing your remote with the TV.
  • In the next window, a checkmark will appear on the screen to notify you that the remote has been connected to the TV device successfully.

Upon pairing, users get a total of three different choices in which they can complete the “set up my TV” process without much fuss. Let us dig deeper to know more about the three different methods that are in-store today. 

3 Different Methods to Setup an Android TV 

As we have already stated above, there are three different methods that can be used to set up an Android device without breaking a sweat. All of them are mentioned in the section below;

With the Use of on Your Computer or Mobile Device

Luckily for users who find it difficult to set up their Android TV in the first place, a public website is available on Google that can help users with the set-up process. Setting up your Android TV with  where a code is sent to carry out the whole process can be carried out with the steps given below;

  • Start the Android TV and select the “skip” option as soon as a notification pops up on your screen that says, “quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?“.
  • Once you have done so, you will need to select a “Wi-Fi connection”. Make sure to connect to the same network to which your mobile device or computer/laptop. 
  • In the next window, click on the “sign in with your Google account” option.
  • Now, you will need to choose the option of “use phone or computer” instead of entering the login details with the use of your remote for the Android TV.
  • For the next step, access the web browser of your choice on your computer/laptop or mobile phone. 
  • From the same web browser, you need to access the website of ““.
  • Following this, a code will be sent to you on the screen of your Android TV and you will need to enter the code received on your mobile/computer device. 
Android TV code page
  • As soon as you have received the code, proceed to the “sign in to the browser with your Google account” option to transfer it to the Android TV. 
  • To finish the process, simply follow the instructions given on your screen to install the applications and to be notified about all the other information to set up the Android TV.

With the Use of the TV Remote

The safest hands are our own. This statement couldn’t be any more accurate with this method. To set up the Android TV with your remote, follow the steps available for use in this section;

  • Turn on your Android TV and wait for a while till the option of “quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?” pops up on the screen
  • For the next step, make use of your remote to select the “skip” option. Before you move forward, keep in mind to connect your device with a proper Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Upon doing so, you need to wait while your Android system is updating. 
  • Following the system update of your Android TV, you will need to click on the “Sign in with your Google account” option.
  • Now, you need to use the TV remote to log in to your remote control to manually enter all of the login credentials with the use of the Android TV remote. 
  • Complete the process by following the instructions given on your screen. 

And just like that, the setup is done and dusted. 

With the Use of an Android Device

Setting up your TV with an Android device might have seemed like a difficult thing in the past, but not today. Simply take assistance from the steps mentioned below;

  • Similar to all the other methods, begin by turning your Android TV.
  • After doing so, hit the yes option when the option of “quickly set up your TV with Android phone?” appears on your TV screen. 
  • For the next step, you will need to access the application of Google on your Android device.
  • From the same application, enter “set up my device” in the search bar of Google and conduct the search for the same.
  • Next, simply follow the instructions that pop up on your screen up to the point where you see a code for “” that will appear on your TV screen as well. 
  • As soon as the code is the same on both your Android TV and your Android device’s screen, hit the next button.
  • Upon doing the previous step, click on the name of your Android TV as soon as it appears on your mobile device. 
  • Finish the process by agreeing to the following on-screen prompts that pop up;
  1. Offer Google the permission to save the Wi-Fi network on your Android device 
  2. Agree to the terms of use and conditions for your Android device. 
  3. Choose the Google account to begin with your new Android experience.

What is even more impressive about this method is that users get the option of transferring their network, data, and account details to your Android device easily. 

After the installation is complete, the system will offer some suggestions to install basic applications. You can skip this part if you want to do it later. 

How to Set up Your Android TV Using Hotspot

Prior to setting up the Android TV, make sure you select a language before you begin the sign-up process. 

  1. With your remote choose skip, when your TV says “Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?”.
  2. You need to connect to Wi-fi
    • Wait for some time that your system will take to update.
  1. Now, Choose “Sign-in” using your remote
connect Android TV Using Hotspot
  1. Now, sign in to your “Google Account”.
  2. Finish the setup by following the on-screen instructions.

Set up a Hotspot for your Android TV

The other way to connect your Android TV to the internet using your mobile data.

Important Note: It is necessary to have your Cellular Data Turned on

On your iPhone:

  1. Select the Settings app.
  2. Select Personal Hotspot.
  3. Keep your Personal Hotspot turned on.

On your Android TV:

  1. On your TV, select Skip using your remote, when it says “Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?”. 
  2. Click on “Connect” with phone data.
  3. From, “Available networks,” select your hotspot name.

Important Tip: For controlling your mobile data usage, you can

  • Select Network Data saver, on your TV.
  • Choose Data Saver.

At Last, connect them all and Go for It.

  1. Now, go to Google Account and then sign in.
  2. Go through all the on-screen prompts and complete the setup.\
Android TV setup

Check for Software and App Updates

If you are having issues while setting up your Android TV on your mobile device, you need to check for software updates. From there, go to Settings (gear icon) >> Device Preferences >> About >> System Update.

To run Android TV on your device, you need to check if you have Android 10 or Android 11. There is no option if you have the Android TV OEM, all you need is to wait for the OEM to roll out the latest software version.


Android TVs have become a raging trend in the modern world of technology. Everyone in the world is opting for an Android TV, majorly due to the services that it offers. Setting up an Android TV is fairly easy, provided that you know all about the process. 

The above-mentioned blog offers three different methods that can be used to set up an Android TV without much fuss. Once you are done with the setup, you can simply install the applications of your choice to get started with the entertainment.

In case you have any queries or feedback, you can simply drop them off in the comments section. 

Stay Techy nerds!

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