Back to School Necklace – A Dark Meaning.

Updated on July 28, 2022 | By Ankit

As summer begins to come to a close it is normal to hear about all the things back to school. Shopping is the one activity that is common to hear about all this time. After all, going to the stores for new school clothes and accessories is exciting for both kids and parents. But if you have heard students discussing back-to-school necklaces, it is important to note that they are not talking about a new cute of jewelry instead it is a troubling phrase that doesn’t seem alarming at that time. You might hear it in conversation or can see it on social media.

In the urban dictionary, a back-to-school necklace is described as a noose. This is due to the utter despair you feel when school starts back up again. Some examples of its use include I am about to buy a back to school necklace, I can’t wait to get a back-to-school necklace, thinking about that back-to-school necklace, that back-to-school necklace calling me, I can’t wait to wear back to school necklace, etc…

So although a back-to-school necklace doesn’t sound innocent enough to those who are unaware of its real meaning. To understand Back-to-school necklace meaning, read the blog till the end.

Back To School Necklace Memes

In the United Kingdom, teenagers who commit suicide with the words Back to school necklace are growing nowadays. The office of national statistics stated that the suicidal rate among 15 to 19-year-old teenagers was 4.35 per 100,000, but by 2016, it has risen up to 4.62 per 100,000. Suicide has become the fourth leading cause of death among 15-19-year-old teenagers.

In India, a total of 12,526 suicides by students have been recorded in the year 2019 by National Crime Records Bureau Data. the number of total suicides has risen by 21.20 % since the year 2019.

In the United States of America, the rate of Students committing suicide has risen dramatically in the last 10 years. The number of teenagers aged from 15 to 19 years, committing suicide has increased by more than 60 %.

Due to this utter nonsense behavior, you can easily get memes about back-to-school necklaces on social media platforms. If you try to search it on google then you will get an image of a noose.

Back to School Necklace Meme.
Back to School Necklace.


  • Most of the time they want to be alone.
  • They can experience sudden changes in mood.
  • Getting apart from the activities they used to do or like.
  • Sensing symptoms of depression.
  • Start using the Consumption of alcohol or illegal substances.
  • Vast changes in diet and in sleeping cycle.

How Parents Can Help Their Children?

As parents, you don’t want to lose your kids only because of depression. You are well aware that while taking some precautions you can provide a helping hand to your child.

  • Try to be calm and maintain a healthy conversation with the child.
  • Instead of asking directly about suicide, try to convince them in a positive manner. 
  • Try not to judge your child instead focus on your child’s mental health.
  • Try to listen to them first.
  • Try not to leave the kids alone.
  • Keep all the harmful tools away from their reach.

How School Can Help the Children?

Most of the daytime of a child is spent in school. Promoting awareness and spreading positivity amongst the children about suicide can be easily managed in the school environment. We are discussing here what steps schools can take to minimize this issue.

  • Can introduce mental health programs for students. 
  • Can provide a stress-free environment for students so that they are able to share their issues with teachers also.
  • Can introduce a Gatekeeper program. A gatekeeper can be anyone, who knows basic information about suicide, How it can be prevented, the person must have the confidence to respond.
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