Best 29 Video Editing Application 2022 With & Without Watermark

Updated on September 30, 2022 | By Louise Simon

The trends of social media and social gatherings have made it obvious for all of us to have the skill of videography. 

Earlier it was the video professionals who used to charge hefty amounts for tender editings. Currently, we have numerous apps in the market that are helping common users to edit in minimum time with guidelines.

Let’s get into some video editing applications that can help you carve the best videos with & without a watermark.

Top Applications for Video Editing-Free & Paid

A huge list of video editing applications to withstand the needs of the users for giving professional edits exists. 

Some of them have been listed for you to cherish your videography and enjoy your creativity.

NOTE: The applications listed below have Ads added in by the web developer.

Kinemaster video editor app icon

Kinemaster is particularly built for professional use. Its exclusive feature of erasing the image and video background or layers has gained popularity through the new tool Magic Remover.

One can always add the desired templates, download them, and share them with personal comments on their own work.

gallons of templates in KineMaster
Charges₹56.11 to ₹11300
App storage77.16MB
Age limit3+
VITA video editor icon

VITA currently has 5 Cr+ downloads and edits the best videos with HD quality.

Select your own song, add it to your vlog, and bloom it with an animation glitch. Currently with the new updates feature it has included a music board and added some more languages for users’ interest.

One can even export the heavy videos, and add clones, filters, and binge effects.

a plethora of editing tools in VITA
App storage105MB
Age limit3+
VN application icon

This free video editing application liberates you to be the Avatar in the videography.

Edit your snap, Insta reels, Facebook post videos, and YouTube vlogs with the best tools of the VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow application.

With more than 10Cr+ downloads it provides professional taste to normal videos with green screen features, chroma key, and curves.

It’s a free application.

curve and speed setting in VN video editing app
ChargeRs. 249 to Rs. 1099
App storage135MB
Age limit12+
Video Editor app icon

Video show offers you to edit with stickers, scrolling text, and adding FX effects without any change to the quality of your video.

Add ready-made templates and voice-over from robotics to monster one. Use of Special lenses with no watermarks, exporting 4k videos, and a lot under the same Video show application, Isn’t this exciting?

Editing task in VideoEditor
ChargesRs.65 to Rs.16,500
App storage42.12MB
Age limit3+
Video Maker music video editor application

This powerful application sparks your videos and slideshows with simple video editing steps.

If you are looking for hot music, stickers, animation, compressing/splice/reverse/rotate to bring a super interesting transition then this application can truly fulfill your needs.

stickers & doodle in video maker
ChargesRs.80 to Rs.8000
App storage40MB
Age limit3+
Lightroom video editing app icon

An editor’s choice application, Lightroom CC offers a plethora of editing features for adjusting haze and grain levels to using shadows and highlights on your latest social media video.

It has promising 200+ exclusive premium presets crafted by professional photographers.

Professional edits through Lightroom photo editor
ChargesRs.170 to Rs.10,300
App storage116MB
Age limit3+
PowerDirector application icon

PowerDirector is a powerful video editor with really cool features of voiceover, slow motion, split, flip, and layering pictures with special effects, thus glamorous customization.

Whether it’s the portrait or landscape, PowerDirector empowers your content with creative green editors and video stabilizers. You can call it an intuitive app as it has 4300+customizable video templates, and collages for changing your video into a pro one.

It has been marked as an editor’s choice application.

Power director video editing display
ChargesRs.65 to Rs.21,800
App storage82MB
Age limit3+
Glitch video editor icon

This application supports 100+ live glitch effects, and filters by importing videos from your gallery and even exporting high-resolution video edits to share them to multiple social media platforms.

With huge eye-catching effects like vaporwave and elements like psychedelics, it brings intense video magic to your fantasies.

The unique vintage fashion where videos are rough and frames are skipped is also one of the features of this application which brings in nostalgic videotapes.

Speed adjustments in Glitch video editor
ChargesRs.360 to Rs. 1,800
App storage28MB
Age limit3+
Alight motion app icon

Paste multiple layers, enjoy multiple fonts, add tons of effects from gradient to stroke effects, everything through a single video editing app: Alight motion. 

This app requires at least 1.5GB of storage to be installed to assist you in your GIFs, and MP4 videos. It has an abundance of 160+ effect options to create a video for any of your projects.

160+ effects by Alight motion
ChargesRs. 35 to Rs.2,150
App storage69MB
Age limit3+
Picsart photo editor & filters app icon5

Photo & video editor which quickly flips and adds text with its inbuilt 200+ designer fonts. 

Add Blur backgrounds with their smart selected tools to cherish your best moment video with the personal flair of stickers and Doodle art, clothes effect, and many other drawing tools.

edits and replay in picsart
ChargesRs.20 Rs. 8,200
App storage40MB
Age limit12+
B612 application icon

We all know how trendy makeup, beauty, music, and filters are going on and the B612 application has a custom source to provide you with all of them through their AR effects and numerous filters.

This application also has a collection of advanced color edits with professional curves to decorate your moments with more motion and effects.

Edit exclusives in B612
ChargesRs.189 to Rs1,699
App storage139MB
Age limit3+
Splice - video editor & maker app icon

A pro trimmer, cutter, merger, joiner, and whatnot incredible Splice offers one with. 

With perfect combination fit the right ratio of fast and slow motion with its 400+ songs library. Splice is a free video edition application that can boost your social media with a masterpiece with no ads! 

Also, it contains weekly, monthly, and yearly charges if you want to go for a subscription with the premium features of Splice for free.

Splice slow motion editing feature
ChargesRs.95 to Rs8,600
App storage63MB
Age limit3+
VidStatus video editor application

Hey! your video status on social media applications like Whatsapp needs a huge change. If you are interested then the VidStatus application has also joined in to help you.

Add exclusive text, and templates with the latest AI face to your 20-second snack video. It has 15 local languages for Indian users. So, edit, download, and share.

Faceswap edits in VidsStatus
ChargesRs.29 to Rs.7,600
App storage55MB
Age limit12+
VivaCut app icon

Extracting the best video from the normal old one is the primary goal of the VivaCut video editing application. With an adjustable filter and effects, add music to give a cinematic touch to it. 

A variety of fonts, emojis, colors, shadows, and stroke awaits to bring an aesthetic touch to your normal memory clips. Control brightness or fix the music rhythm, you are the creator and editor.

video editing feature of Chroma in VivaCut
ChargesRs.85 to Rs. 5,700
App storage59MB
Age limit3+
Quik icon

For a social media video all we need is the best cinematic shots, synced music, with eye-capturing shots.

It has exemplary editing tools, with sync clips, transitions, and effects of super slow, fast, or freeze. Optimize everything from effects to filters as your instincts beat.

maximum creativity in GoPro Quik App
ChargesRs.99 to Rs.3,499
App storage119MB
Age limit3+
Noiz app icon

Have endless tons of filters, and 3D stickers to experience the best vibing editing apps. Create a spontaneous & positive video with the assistance of this social media-friendly application to gain popularity through eye-catching memorable moments.

They have an optimized shooting function that can create memorable moments with little extra effects and filters.

Noize exclusive video edits
ChargesRs.60 to Rs.5,400
App storage39MB
Age limit12+
mAst video editing application

Superb video editing application if you are looking for adding lyrics, beat, and sunset to your simple video.

mAst has a free musical beat from electronic sounds to hip-hop. You can also explore its template section which doesn’t forget to add extra magic to your lyrical video.

video edit in mAst application
ChargesRs.19 to Rs.8,500
App storage53MB
Age limit3+
BroChill application icon

BroChill video editing application has the strength to create anniversary wishes and wedding invitations from your photos & video. It lives up to its sobriquet and relaxes the user to create the best status in the enhanced version of various language options, templates, and fonts.

video and photo editing in BroChill
ChargesFree but contains ads
App storage48MB
Age limit3+
Triller app icon

A creative app that allows you to explore, make and share. One of the platforms which helps you create starry content with empowering customization through music, slow motion, lenses, and effects. Go viral with similar content like MTV with video clips that took the charge of social media.

triller application editing
ChargesRs.65 to Rs.8,600
App storage58MB
Age limit12+
Vido Video status maker icon

Vido has the potential to create video status with the best wave beat and a large collection of trends. Numerous effects with lyrics look for you if you are considering making trending lyrical content for any of your social media handles.

Vido editing for status
App storage19.90
Age limit3+
MBit application icon

MBit music video status maker application transforms your normal images and video into status-friendly, reel-loving, and story videos.

If you have a vigilant eye over an application that has the ability to create a video in minimum duration and with multiple options in music, themes, and text font, so MBit is a pro and All-in-one app for pleasant content.

Easy editor MBit
ChargesFree with Ads
App storage38MB
Age limit3+
Node video icon

Video editing application that has a Motion tracker, Pen Tool, timeline, keyframe animation, Curve Editor, optical flow, and many other editing tools to make your videography experience a lot more enlightening and worthy.

If you are in need to map your video, and images, or add rich audio spectrums with a 3D model so Nod Video is a great assisting application in this specific genre.

Personal video settings in Node Video
ChargesRs.260 to Rs.4,350
App storage107MB
Age limit3+

Top Free Applications for Editing Video Without Watermarks

Free video editing applications

Sometimes editing through the best video editing apps leaves watermarks that give a disheveled view of our whole video creation. We will be sharing a further list of the best applications that edit the best way with no watermarks.

App icon of YouCut

YouCut is a free and No watermark application that has pro video editing tools that don’t require users’ inbuilt abilities for anyone to bring out a pleasant video.

For any occasion from birthday to anniversary status, one can bring the best quality status videos.

Transition effect in YouCut
ChargesFree with Ads
App storage27MB
Age limit3+
Filmr application icon

Bring the best social media-friendly slideshows, tutorial videos, and music reels with no watermarks by availing of the free 7-day trial service of the Filmr application.

Build funny GIFs, share, use the Filmr music library which has more than 20 million free music and add some really cool transitions to get the best results.

Filmr pro features
ChargesRs.130 to Rs.14,400
App storage53.53MB
Age limit3+
App icon of VN

A quick and pro video editor; VN, supports our projects with key animation that is necessary and edits with split, drag, duplicate, and curves to adjust the current needs.

VN’s various soundtracks, green screens, diverse styles of music, and beats clips inherent the normal video into the social media-friendly one.

Filter effects of VN
ChargesRs.249 to Rs.1,099
App storage135MB
Age limit12+

Video Maker YouTube – Video Guru

app icon of video maker youtube

There might be a strong stern reason why Videomaker has the best ratings with 12L reviews. I guess it’s the pro features of speed control, FX effects, no watermark, and the least space of 28MB that it uses.

Have a look at the Video Guru application and explore the various tools and templates with a huge amount of sound that has provided the user with.

Transitions in video maker youtube
ChargesRs.190 to Rs.1100
App storage27MB
Age limit3+
Icon of Inshot

The video editor & Maker – Inshot application provides every basic help while editing video from converting your pictures and normal video into social media-friendly content.

From glitch effects, to blur backgrounds, users can compress, convert and crop their videos to any ratio.

Pro features of Inshot
Charges₹65 to ₹1,700
App Storage39.34MB
Age Limit3+
Music video maker icon

If you are considering getting multiple options in the effect section in your aspiring video editing application so Music Video Maker is the right destination. 

This application has 100+ video effects plus you can also extract music from any video. Get ready to create awesome content for Instagram reels, Chingari, Rizzle, Josh, etc… without any watermark.

features of video editor
Charges$4.99 to $59.99
App storage26MB
Age limit3+
Vllo video editor logo

VLLO allows the user to apply seamless transitions, sound effects, filters, color correction, and multiple other effects from brightness to shadows.

You can easily make a video of high-resolution 4K with pin blur, pixel mosaic, and keyframe animations.

best no watermark video editors
ChargesRs.29 to Rs.2,350
App storage96MB
Age limit3+
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