Learn How to Check Your Airtel Number with Easy Methods

Updated on April 29, 2022 | By Vedwik

Forgot your Airtel mobile number and can’t remember even after trying so hard?

Don’t ponder much! As forgetting things is one of the most common traits of us as humans and due to this, we have constructed this article that will assist you in Airtel number check anywhere and anytime.

We have listed these methods after performing in-depth research and testing numerous times, so there are no chances it will not provide you with optimum outcomes.

So, let’s get started and know how to check the Airtel number.

Methods to Check Airtel Phone Number

There are three easy methods through which you can check your Airtel phone number anywhere and anytime. As we have quoted, here are the methods to check Airtel Phone number easily and effortlessly. 

  • Via USSD Code
  • Via Airtel Thanks App
  • Via Airtel Customer Care

All you require is an activated Airtel sim and your device and you are good to go.

So, Let’s look at each method one by one and know how exactly you can check your Airtel Number.

How to Check Airtel Number using USSD Code?

Checking a number with the assistance of the USSD code is one of the most common methods to check your mobile number. We are sure that you must have checked your mobile number, balance, internet usage, etc using the USSD code priorly.

Now, it is time to bring back the old memories. So, let’s move on to steps and see how you can perform the Airtel number check, USSD code.

Steps to Check Airtel Number Using USSD Code.

  • To know how to check your Airtel Number smoothly and hassle-free, simply head to the Phone App on your device.
Phone App

Note:- Before proceeding to the Airtel number check, ensure that your  Airtel sim is properly interested in your mobile phone and make sure that the Airtel sim you have inserted in your device has already been activated and in working condition.

  • Next, you have to move on to the Dialer.
  • In this step, you have to dial a USSD code: *282# or *121*1#, and after that hit on the call button in order to check the Airtel mobile number check.
  • Finally, on your device, you will notice a flash message showcasing your Airtel number which is something that looks like “Hi, Your Mobile no. is xxxxxxxxxx.”
Airtel Mobile  Number

Once you notice your Airtel mobile number on your mobile phone’s screen, make sure to note it down. Congratulations! Now you can know your Airtel number anytime and anywhere you want.

For your knowledge and convenience, we have also enlisted some of the Airtel USSD codes that you can use to check your existing pack balance, internet balance, plan validity, Airtel packs, etc.

Airtel USSD Codes

As we mentioned above, here are the Airtel USSD Codes that you can check out and use to check various things such as Balance, 4G Data Balance, Complain Number, Packs, and much more.

For Balance *123#
For Number Check*282#
To Check 4G Data Balance*121*2# and Reply with “1”
Airtel Customer Care Number198
Airtel Complaint Number121
To Check Airtel Unlimited Packs*121*1#
To Check Offers*121#
To Check Plan Validity*123#
To Check Data Charges*121*7*5#
To Check Postpaid Current Bill PlanSMS “”BP”” To 121
To Check Postpaid Pending AmountSMS “”OT”” To 121
To Check Airtel Postpaid Bill PaymentSMS “”PMT”” To 121
To Check Postpaid Current Plan UsageSMS “”UNB” To 121

Another best alternative to performing an Airtel sim number check is via Airtel Thanks App.

Airtel also offers its users to know their Airtel mobile number as well as provides access to numerous services through their dedicated app known as the Airtel Thanks app.

Many of the Airtel subscribers are well-acquainted with the Airtel Thanks app as well as use it on their devices but there are also numerous old Airtel subscribers as well as new subscribers who are still unaware of this effective and worthy Airtel app.

As we want the best for our readers and don’t want a single reader left behind. So, let us clue you in and introduce you to the Airtel Thanks app and how to check Airtel’s own number check.

How to know your Airtel Number via the Airtel Thanks App?

What is Airtel Thanks App?

Airtel thanks app is a platform constructed and designed by the developers of Airtel to access all Airtel services at a single destination. From the Airtel Thanks app, you can do recharges, make payments, and get acquainted with your existing pack balance, your internet pack balance, internet data usage as well as the validity of your current pack, and much more.

And that’s a short overview of the Airtel Thanks app, now, let’s know how you can check your number via the Airtel Thanks app.

Steps to Check Number via Airtel Thanks App.

Checking your number through the Airtel Thanks app comes among the easiest path to knowing your Airtel number. All you have to perform is download the Airtel Thanks app from your device’s respective app store and simply log in.

And, if you are still feeling puzzled or simply don’t know how to set up the Airtel Thanks app, in that case, you can take the assistance of the below-quoted steps.

Simply follow the steps in order and smoothly set up the Airtel Thanks app.

  • To check your Airtel number through the Airtel Thanks app, Android users need to head to the Google play store and Apple users have to open up the App Store.
App Store
  • After that, search for Airtel Thanks and simply download & install the respective app on your device.
  • Once the Airtel thanks app has been installed on your device, launch the app, give the required permissions and perform login with the assistance of your Airtel Mobile number.
Installed Airtel Thanks App
  • After you have logged into the Airtel Thanks App, you will be able to see your Airtel number at the top of the screen.
Airtel Number 

By applying these steps, you can easily set up the Airtel Thanks app and check your Airtel mobile number. 

Along with it, you can also check your balance, internet usage, the validity of the package, prior recharge history and enjoy much more services that we have mentioned above.

Apart from this, you can also get the answer to your query titled.” How to Know airtel number?” with the assistance of Airtel customer support.

By getting in touch with Airtel customer support, you can ask them for your Airtel number and note it down.

So, let us check out how you can know your Airtel number with the help of Airtel Customer support.

How to Check an Airtel Number via Customer Support?

As we have cited above, you can also check your Airtel mobile number with the assistance of Airtel’s customer support.

Contacting or say getting in touch with Airtel customer care is very easy and simple, all you need is properly inserted and activated Airtel Sim & a device and you are all set.

If you have all this, let’s move on to the easy steps.

Steps to Check Airtel Number via Customer Support.

  • To know your Airtel number via customer support, simply head to the phone app on your device and next redirect to the dialer.
Phone App
  • After that, dial either 121 or 198 from the Airtel number of which you wish to know the number.
Airtel Customer Care Number
  • Now press 1 for mobile services and you will hear IVR saying your Airtel Mobile number along with your main account balance, your internet data balance as well as the validity of your existing pack.

For more information and queries related to your Airtel number, trending, and new packages as well as Airtel services, you can also get in touch with Airtel customer support.

Now we believe we have listed all the possible ways through which you can check your Airtel number anytime and anywhere in mere time.

So, let’s head to the closure and take a glimpse at what you have learned in this article.


In this brief and crisp article, you have learned how you can check your Airtel number in various ways such as via the USSD code, Airtel Thanks App, and lastly Airtel customer Support.

We believe that the information we have cited in this article shows how you can know your Airtel number will assist you in knowing your Airtel number in no time and provide you with optimum results.

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