How to wire a Turkish Lamp

Updated on November 14, 2022 | By Samara Davis

Lamps Lighting 

Lighting in every home not only enhances the look and comfort of the home but also gives it a healthy ambiance. Effective lighting increases the indoor environment by as much as 30%. For instance, on a sunny day, it is advisable to keep the indoor environment between 19 to 23º Celsius (65 to 68º Fahrenheit). 


The Best Turkish lamps have a lot of cultural significance. An imam in Turkey, Abdülhamit Kayalı, a former mayor of Eskişehir, recalled how a German visitor to a mosque told him, “Why do you have so many lamps at a mosque? We have electricity in Germany.” When the German people visited the mosque, however, they were struck by the presence of the lamps. 


Some of our favorites from Bleep Design include the Apollo, which is pretty versatile. You can dim the lighting to anywhere from 20 to 60%. You can also choose from over 200 colors and six shapes to make the perfect lamp. It’s a polished, modern choice that will add a sleek addition to any bedroom or office. Now, if you want to buy a Turkish lamp so feel free to visit

You can never have enough lighting in your bedroom. But it’s not enough to just switch on your bedside lamp. A bright bedside lamp will cast enough light to see your phone, but won’t give you enough to read. If you want to bring your phone into bed with you without dimming your nightstand, a diff lamp with dimming is the way to go. 

Popular Styles of Lamps 

1. Arc Lamps 

2. Tripod Lamps 

3. Swing Arm Lamps 

4. Floor Lamps 

5. Piano Lamps 

6. Boom Arm Lamps 

7. Gooseneck Lamps 

8. Buffet Lamps. This lamp is typically slender, tall, and more than 32 inches      in height


In Turkey, the most popular designs and sizes of lamps are carved and painted chamber type (Pietra Casa-İşlamlar-Ötüken), the pressed steel type (Türk Tambüleri-ütüken), and the glass or pressed metal type (Aytaç-Düşük-Türk Tambüleri-ütüken). These lamps were once exported to Europe and the United States but today, their demand is limited to the domestic market. 


I want to play with colors, but I feel it should be simpler. I think the lighting will look awesome when it’s colorful and fun. It’s a lamp light. It works similarly to light-up gloves from Yotaro, except it’s lighter. But with light-up gloves, you need to turn the entire controller to get all the colored balls around it. You don’t get all the colored balls in your hand or whatever, which is why that game’s lamp light wasn’t as cool as it could be, been because you’re generally going to turn the controller so all the colored balls look the same. But for this lamp light, there’s no need for that, you just hold it in a specific way, and you’ll get the desired lighted color. You’ll definitely be able to see what color it is before you do anything because you can see the light. Are there other lamps, or do you want to make a new lamp light? I’d be happy to make a lamp light, I’d even make one for other people. But I don’t think there are any other ones right now.

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