December 5, 2021

Content, Controversy, and Kisscartoon: An-all Out Guide to the Legend with Its Top Working Alternatives

“Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.” Who said this? Not Mandela, not Gandhi, but our very own “Flash”. 

“What was it that you said Karen, cartoons are only for children and not for grown adults?” And at that very moment, Karen realized that she messed up.

Cartoons! There aren’t probably enough syllables, to sum up, the feeling that we get from cartoons. They offer us joy, nostalgia, and a million memories that got lost when we were busy with adulting.

There are tons of cartoon shows that are aired daily. While most people prefer to sit around, late at night to watch a TV show or something, others hop on the internet after a long day at work to search for cartoons of their choice on sites like Kisscartoon.

Kisscartoon, yes you heard it right. For the general audience, this website is the pinnacle of streaming in terms of cartoons along with an early form of cartoon, now commonly known as anime. Anime series have become popular in recent years and people from different parts of the globe appreciate the ingenious storyline and culture that anime depicts.

Over to Kisscartoon, this world-renowned platform has a large collection of anime and cartoon shows that can be downloaded or streamed online in HD quality with relative ease.

The type of collection that it hosts is unparalleled and many even consider it to be the uncrowned king of anime and cartoon streaming platforms. From underrated shows to the next-gen anime and cartoon concepts, this site has it all.

What made this platform even more impressive is that users do not have to pay anything to access the content as everything is available for free. Users looking for free-content use to worship this platform until things went south. It will be discussed in the later sections of the blog as to how and why it happened?

The website has all the elements of being the best in the world at what it does but the question that still lingers around is whether this platform is safe for use or not?

Disclaimer: Piracy is a punishable offense. All of the information available in this blog is for the sole purpose of educating the audience about the websites that offer the streaming and downloading of anime and cartoons for free. It is no secret that such websites are illegal and the users should steer clear of such websites unless they want to end up in some sort of legal trouble.

Table of Contents

  1. Is Kisscartoon safe to use?
  2. Does an ad-blocker work on Kisscartoon?
  3. What went wrong with the website of Kisscartoon?
  4. Top proxy and mirror websites of Kisscartoon
  5. Simple steps on how to download content from the website of Kisscartoon
  6. Top working alternatives of Kisscartoon (2021 Edition)
  7. FAQs
  8. Aftermath

Is Kisscartoon safe to use?

No matter how great services and content the site has to offer, all this will never change the fact that the site is illegal. To add to this, there is no trace of the original domain which was taken down a while back. 

If things weren’t already bad, tons of fake websites have also surfaced on the internet which can confuse newbies as not many are able to differentiate between the real and fake websites. These fake sites were termed as Kisscartoon cons by experienced users. 

To help you with that, keep in mind that the real website offers all of the content in HD while other websites do not offer everything in High-Definition. 

Does an ad-blocker work on Kisscartoon?

Another effective way to know if the site is fake or not is with the use of an ad-blocker. If the site renders the ad-blocker ineffective, it means that you are in the wrong place. To make things worse, you only have the power to control add-ons and not the malware, spyware, and malicious links that can be sent to your device to corrupt files and data. 

Coming back to the topic, it is not advisable to use an ad-blocker on the real website of Kisscartoon since this is the only reason why it is a monetized platform. The developers of the site generated revenue from the ads that popped up on the site, contrary to popular beliefs, the site never costed anything to the visitors. But if you still want an uninterrupted experience, you can use an ad-blocker extension and all of the pop-up ads will vanish from the page altogether.

Even though the website offered everything that a fan can ask for, it suffered a fate worse than any other streaming site. What happened? Let us get to know more about it. 

What went wrong with the website of Kisscartoon?

It was a smooth sail for the streaming giant up until things took a turn for the worse. The growing popularity and fame of the website attracted a lot of attention and this led to numerous clones of Kisscartoon surfacing on the internet. 

These sites took advantage of the fame and popularity of the original platform to earn money by fooling fans all across the globe. On top of that, such sites were filled with viruses and malware, which further caused the users a huge deal of inconvenience. 

The fans were left dazed as they were unable to identify which one was the real site. With time, the real dominant website of Kisscartoon faded while fake websites took over. 

As of now, there are no domains left of the original Kisscartoon. But worry not as there is still a way to access this gem. 

Top proxy and mirror websites of Kisscartoon

If you are still adamant about accessing Kisscartoon, you can do so with the use of proxy and mirror websites that are easily available on the internet. Below are some of the best proxy and mirror sites of Kisscartoon that can be used to download and stream anime in case the parent website is inaccessible in your region.

These proxy and mirror sites can be of great help to users in case the parent site has been banned in their region. Now that we know how we can access the platform, let us take a look at how one can download content from here, provided that they can access the site in the first place. 

Simple Steps on how to download content from the website of Kisscartoon

If by chance, you are able to access the website of Kisscartoon with the use of a proxy or mirror website, you can make good use of the steps mentioned below to download the show of your choice from this site;

  • To begin with, visit the official homepage of Kisscartoon and explore the content as the site has a lot to offer. 
  • From there, you will need to select the content and then wait for a while it is loading. As soon as it loads, you can get started with your anime and cartoon binge-watching session.
  • Always make sure to not click on any other spam links when you are trying to download content from here. 
  • After you have ensured that the link is authentic, you can move forward with the downloading process.
  • In case you are looking to save the video on your device for offline use, you can do so with the use of a video downloader or a website. Simply copy and paste the link in the downloader, similar to what you do when you try to download a video from YouTube.
  • To finish, simply choose the video quality and click on download to begin. You can switch to a better internet connection in case you want to download faster. 

These simple steps can be used to download the content of your choice from this brilliant website. 

Let us now move forward to know about the alternatives to Kisscartoon for users who want to access similar services that the beloved Kisscartoon offers. 

Top working alternatives of Kisscartoon (2021 Edition)

If one has to be blunt about it, there is no website on the face of the internet that can challenge the services and the wide range of content Kisscartoon has to offer. But if there is no way that you can access this site, there are a few websites like Kisscartoon on the internet that load fast, offer content for free, and even offer premium subscriptions that can be bought at a reasonable price in case you ever think that there is a need for that. 

Here are some of the best websites that are considered great alternatives to Kisscartoon.


Numero Uno on our list may seem a bit dull at first, but it is one of the best alternatives available on the internet for users to watch cartoons and anime of their choice. This platform is stacked with content to make sure that the users feel hooked. Some of the most popular shows available here include the likes of Haikyuu, The Transformers Series, The Simpsons, Justice League, The Jetsons, and so on. There is no end to this list if we are being honest. 

One of the reasons why the site is popular is due to its incredibly simple yet effective user interface. The interface is miles ahead of any other website on the list. The website has tons of great features such as tons of different options to choose your pick, an in-built media player, high-quality material, and to top all this, it is supported on all sorts of platforms.

All in all, one can watch tons of anime and cartoons to kill time or to reminisce the good old memories of their childhood without having to spend a single penny.

2. KissAnime

This one is for all the die-hard anime fans all over the globe. KissAnime is popular for being one of the most complete websites on the internet when it comes to streaming and downloading cartoons and anime. 

Some of the big names in the anime section including weathering with you, spirited away, the world-renowned story of Uzumaki Naruto along with many others, making sure that you experience a great time on this platform.

Coming to the user interface, it is pretty user-friendly, making it easy and quick for the users to access the content of their choice. On top of this, the content is free of cost. All of the anime available here are available in dubbed and subbed as well, along with the option of downloading the anime. 

With a great layout that is home to an in-built media player, high-definition videos, and a huge database, KissAnime is a treat for cartoons and anime fans.

What makes all of this even more impressive is that this site can be accessed on every platform. Visit this website to go on an extraordinary weeb voyage. 

3. CartoonExtra

Just as the name suggests, this place is all about the never-ending list of all the cartoons that one can ever think of. Many users have named it the kingdom of dreams for cartoons and anime fans from different parts of the globe. 

It has something for everyone, be it a toddler or an adult. Shows such as Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Loony Toons, and many others. Whatever cartoon the user has in mind, this website has it.

A huge collection of content, an in-built media player for streaming, high-quality videos, and accessibility on every platform are some of the notable features of this website.

The user interface makes it easier to access whatever cartoons the users are looking for. All in all, it is a great place with the raw potential to join the big leagues in the anime and cartoon streaming world.

4. AnimeToon

Another brilliant platform that takes the users on a trip down the memory lane, with features and content similar to that of Kissscartoon. The place is filled with everything related to anime and cartoon shows and has some of the most rejoiced cartoons such as episodes of Ben 10, Tom and Jerry, American Dad, Pokemon, and tons of other shows. 

Apart from this, there is also a section for dubbed anime and a separate section that solely hosts movies. What makes this site stand out is that it has something for users of all age groups. 

Similar to other platforms on this list, it comes with a built-in media player, a great collection of anime and cartoons, a simple yet perfect user interface to enhance the user experience, and can be accessed on every platform.

AnimeToon offers a high-quality video experience for all the videos available here to make sure that users feel captivated. 


Number 5 is highly regarded as one of the best alternatives to Kisscartoon on the internet. Apart from making a name for itself as a great alternative, the site is also famous for having a great user interface and has a wide range of cartoons and anime for fans. 

The navigation is pretty easy on here, making it simple for the users to search for the cartoons of their choice. With a never-ending sea of content, combined with picture-perfect video quality and tons of other features that include accessibility on all platforms, an in-built media player, the site makes it impossible for the users to keep themselves at bay.

Everything works out for the users on this site, except for the ads that pop up in between videos, ruining the whole mood. Apart from this, it is a pretty well-rounded place for cartoon crazy fans that are looking to relive the good old days of their childhood.


Wait! Doesn’t this site seem a bit familiar? Well, that’s because number 5 and number 6 have a lot in common along with the striking similarities in their names. This platform is a great alternative to Kisscartoons and hosts some of the best cartoons such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Scooby-Do along with many others.

All the shows are just a single click away. The in-built media player makes sure that users do not feel the need to redirect themselves to a third-party player. Props to the platform for coming with a user interface that takes the user experience to a whole different level. 

To put it bluntly, it has a large collection of content, high-quality videos, and easy accessibility on every platform makes this site worth the hype.

7. 9Anime

Who doesn’t know about this anime streaming giant? It is the perfect place for a user to get his hands on all sorts of anime, especially if you are a weeb. Japanese anime has recently started taking over the internet and this site is the best place for new users to explore the different genres of Japanese anime. 

In case you are unable to access the beloved Kisscarton, you can make excellent use of 9Anime, to begin with, your Anime adventures. Almost all of the anime shows are available here, be it popular or underrated, so don’t worry about not finding the link to your favorite anime.

The large collection of anime shows is one of the main reasons behind the immense popularity of the platform. Watch out for the recommendation feature. It is nothing like any other features that the other websites offer and recommends users’ content to watch and the recommendations are solely based on the watch history of the user. 

This, in turn, makes it easy for the users to explore the content of this site since coming across a new anime becomes an eventuality, thanks to the recommendation feature. 

8. Cartoon Network

Yes, you thought it right. This platform has been part of everyone’s childhood. It was the reason for a lot of smiles and giggles and if you never watched a single show on Cartoon Network, we don’t think you had a pretty cool childhood, just saying. 

Apart from being one of the most popular cartoon channels to ever exist, it has been home to many memorable shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Dexter, Powerpuff Girls, Tom and Jerry, and many others. The list doesn’t end here as the same list of cartoons and anime shows are also available on the official website of Cartoon Network.

With a wide range of cartoons and anime to choose from and a great user interface, the site has cemented its place at number 8 on our list while also cementing its place in the hearts of cartoon fans. 

9. Chia-Anime

Number 9 is pretty popular in the southern region of Asia, and for all the right reasons. Fans consider it to be a paradise for streaming all sorts of cartoons and anime videos. The site offers all of the content in high quality along with a long list of anime that are available in both subbed and dubbed categories. 

It even has tons of manga available for the anime fans who like to keep ahead of the action by becoming the ones who know all. A simple and user-friendly interface adds to the already amazing platform, making sure that users never get tired of this site. 

A quick recap of the platform. High-quality videos, easy accessibility on all platforms, and an in-built media player to match the site. All this pretty much sums up what Chia-Anime is all about.

10. Cartoons.on

As we move into double figures, let us get to know about the features of this platform at number 10 before we discuss the other aspects of this site. The same old in-built media player, high-quality videos, and easy access on all platforms.

It is a must-visit platform for every fan who is in love with cartoons. It is host to some of the most popular content known to humans. The site has something for all age groups. It has Baby Looney Toons for kids while for adult teens it has The Flintstones, Justice League, Ice Age, and tons of other captivating content to make sure that the users feel entertained. 

Regular updates mean that new content is uploaded here every couple of weeks. If one has to describe it in a sentence, the platform has a stylish user interface with loads of content for the users and is a pretty exciting place for weebs. 


Think of a website that has a stacked library that is full of anime and cartoon episodes that can be streamed for free, mix all this and you get with a vast collection of anime, this platform helps users to keep boredom at bay. 

Some of the major categories available here include anime, cartoons, recommendations, random, latest series along with many others. One of the noticeable things about it is the user interface, which is as easy to use as they come. 

No sorts of ads pop up here and the database gets updated regularly, making it a well-rounded place for streaming anime and cartoons. It also has an FAQ section for newbies who are as curious as a cat. 

If you are looking for a platform that is accessible on every operating system, well is here for you. 

12. WatchCartoonOnline

With excellent content available for users in high-quality, combined with an equally brilliant built-in media player, WatchCartoonOnline is every weeb’s wet dream. The site is home to all sorts of anime, be it classic or next-gen new series. 

It hosts plenty of great content which can be accessed by the users for free of cost. The developers kept it simple when it came to the user interface, which makes exploring through the content here effortless and enjoyable. To add to that, the content also gets updated every few weeks.

With OTT content, a video player of the highest caliber, top-notch video quality, and easy accessibility on all platforms, WatchCartoonOnline is a pretty interesting prospect in the anime world. 

13. Crunchyroll

The anime lord, CrunchyRoll has been declared by tons of different magazines as the best place for streaming anime series. Also known as the one-stop solution for every weeb, the website has a pretty decent amount of anime along with a great user interface. 

Combine that with high-class video quality and you will get a place that is worth the money and hype. The platform undergoes regular maintenance updates to offer new episodes as soon as they are aired. 

Every show can be streamed for free. If there is any chance that you like to read as well, there is also a manga section that has tons of popular Japanese comics. 

Simply visit this online legend today to tend to your cartoon, anime, and manga cravings. 


A mirror site that now carries on the legacy of the fallen Kisscartoon. Safe to say that it is an ideal alternative to the Kiss cartoon and we do not say this simply because it is a mirror site. 

The content is pretty neat and entertaining and the site has everything that the parent website of Kissacartoon had to offer and maybe even more. It is no secret that the user interface and layout heavily resemble the original website of Kiss cartoons.

It also has an in-built media player where users get the option of streaming videos in high-quality and the database gets updated regularly as well. “If you ever miss the old me, just visit this mirror of mine- Kisscartoon 2021”. 

15. CartoonCrazy

Cartoons, cartoons, and cartoons. Seems like plenty of websites start with the word cartoon. Number 15 is no different. This near-flawless site has made a name for itself in the streaming world in a short period. 

If there is any site that comes to replicating what Kisscartoo had to offer, this is it. It is stacked with streaming links for cartoons along with categories such as subtitles and dubbed versions of cartoons. 

One of the major reasons behind the worldwide popularity of this platform is the numerous options for anime, cartoons, and movies. This also explains the enormous number of 11 million visitors every month. 

All of the links are updated regularly, making sure that users can get their hands on active links to enjoy streaming. Sadly, for the users, this picture-perfect website was taken down by government agencies in different parts of the world, so you might have to look around for alternatives or proxy and mirror sites of this platform. 

16. B98.TV

Are you a grown-up? Well, if you are an anime fan on top of that and if you are looking to bring back the 90s’ hype, we have brought you B98.TV. This website is home to all of the retro toons and anime that include Batman and Robin, Scooby-Doo, the tales of Tom and Jerry, and whatnot. 

The only downside of this platform is the limited availability of classic content here. All of the content here is available in high quality and the developers have also done great work by creating a simple yet sophisticated user interface. 

If you love Scooby and Shaq, make sure to visit this exciting website to reminisce about life before adulting.

17. AnimeLab

All about anime. AnimeLab is all about anime, which is the early adaptation of cartoons. If you are a weeb, this site will always have something for you. It is filled with tons of different choices with the likes of Naruto and Astro Boy along with many others. 

All of the popular anime series are available here along with a pretty neat and catchy user interface. Just a simple sign-in is all it takes for the users to access all of the content available here without spending a single penny.

With an impressive database, and regularly updated content it has everything that a fan needs. The platform also offers on-demand anime episodes and is available on IOS, Android, Windows, and Chromecast as well, making it accessible on every platform. 

Although there is a catch. Currently, the website is available only in Australia and New Zealand. 

18. Dubbed Anime

The concept of dubbing is often criticized. But everybody has the right to be entertained on their own terms, isn’t it? Keeping that in mind, we bring you dubbed anime. This website offers most of the favorite anime series in both subbed and dubbed categories. 

It is an anime exclusive site, so cartoon fans, stay away. Don’t worry about missing a single episode as the site uploads content as soon as it is aired. It is pretty easy to use, courtesy of the phenomenal user interface.

All in all, it is a brilliant platform with loads of anime series and movies so you can satiate the hunger of the weeb within.

19. ToonGet

Don’t want to spend money on anime, but still want to have access to new episodes? Behold, ToonGet. This brilliant website offers content for free, making it an all you want to access the website for the users.

Just about every anime and cartoon show is available on the homepage of this site. From Ben 10, Loony Toons, Star Wars LEGO to Dora the Explorer, Omniverse, and many others. It also hosts a separate section for dubbed anime. 

It is pretty easy to browse through the different sections of this site and all of the content is up-to-date with the option of High-Definition streaming. The only thing that might become a buzz killer for you is the occurrence of pop-ups now and then. 

20. Anime Planet

If a site starts with the anime and ends with “planet”, you know for sure that it is stacked with everything about anime. Not only does this site offer a huge collection of anime episodes, but it also has manga for readers who like visual art better. 

Every new release gets uploaded here extremely quickly, which also justifies the reliability and popularity of this site. Users do not need to go through any sort of registration or sign-up process. 

An in-built media player with accessibility on all platforms makes this site a great pick. If you are looking for an uninterrupted experience, this site is the perfect place for you to get started. 

21. WatchAnimeDub

As we are nearing the end of our list, the platform of WatchAnimeDub is another great replacement to the OG site of Kisscartoon. It comes with a built-in media player and is home to tons of different anime and cartoons.

Users also get the option of watching their favorite shows in dubbed and subbed categories and all of the content is available in high quality.

What makes it stand out is the simple yet stylish user interface which adds to the groovy look of the site. Visit at your own risk as you might wake the weeb inside of you.

22. Disney Junior

“I am mad at Disney Disney, they tricked me”. We all feel the same Salem ilese, except you made time and sung a song about it. Everyone knows about Disney and the productions of Disney. So, in case you are specifically looking for cartoons and anime made by Disney, welcome home. 

The platform was designed with the intent to offer everything made by Disney and the site is majorly popular among kids. With a wide range of kid-friendly content and actively available links, users have every right to be mad at Disney since they have tricked them into accessing their website every time users crave cartoon shows. 

23. Toonova

This is it. End of the line. If Kisscartoons is down in your area, this is the place you would want to be. This platform is a great place for users to watch toons and cartoon shows. Similar to many other sites, all of the latest episodes are made available as soon as they are aired.

This makes it easy for the users to watch the latest episodes of their favorite toons and anime series. Apart from this, the site also offers working and safe streaming links along with the option of plenty of mirror sites, in case the main links are not working.

And that’s it from our side, fellow Otakus. These are some of the best alternatives to Kisscarton that a user can access anytime to watch and download tons of cartoon shows and anime series. These sites are just like Kisscartoon in terms of streaming services and content offered. 

Let us now take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet when it comes to the topic of cartoons and anime streaming sites. 


Q.1 Do users have to pay for the content available on these sites?

Ans 1- No, users do not need to pay anything to watch and download content from these sites. Although users can opt for premium subscriptions to access a couple of extra features if they think there is a need for them. 

Q.2 Is taking the subscription a necessity for the users?

Ans 2- There is no such compulsion for the users to buy the subscription. The least a site can ask you to do is to sign up for a better experience. 

Q.3 How can I get rid of pop-up ads on such websites?

Ans 3- As much annoying as pop-up ads can be, they can be removed simply by downloading an ad-blocker extension. Add the extension to your web browser and doing so will simply prevent the ads from popping up. 


Cartoons have always had and will always have a special place in our hearts. They took us on a trip down memory lane where everything felt perfect and there were no worries at all. The website of Kisscartton is the uncrowned king of streaming cartoon shows and anime series. 

Even though the website is not legal, tons of people from different parts of the globe accessed it to stream and download the content of their choice. In case you are unable to access this site, we have mentioned some of the best sites on the internet that are just like Kisscartoob in terms of the services that they offer. 

We hope that this blog has every answer that you were seeking. You can leave your thoughts in the comment section. And just as Marty from Madagascar said, “as long as we are together, it doesn’t matter to me” we hope that you continue coming back to us.

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