Kissmovies and Its Robust Alternatives

Updated on May 31, 2022 | By Mehak Gupta

When it comes to entertainment there’s not much that we can think of, we can go out, we can play some games but only to an extent. But there is one thing that ranks on top, the one we can never get bored with, the one that we can never have too much of, movies. Well, it’s not the entertainment part that stays on top but the genres and specifications it comes in are great. There are tons of genres we can watch a movie in, not just movies but web series, docuseries, short films, and whatnot. 

There are numerous platforms too where we can stream unlimited movies and other video content, but the thing with those platforms is that they ask for a certain amount of subscription, either yearly or monthly. So are you one of those who like to have access to unlimited movie content but are tired of paying the subscription to the movie streaming apps? 

Well, we have good news for you. Kissmovies is a platform that allows access to innumerable movies and other video content without asking for any subscription, yes, you read that right. On kissmovies, we don’t have to pay for a subscription or any payable amount to get access to your favorite movies, all we have to do is visit the official site of it and start streaming. Don’t worry we’ll tell you the whole process of how to download or watch a movie on kissmovies and its amazing alternatives, just keep reading.

What is Kissmovies?

Just like Torrentz2 or any other torrent site, kissmovies is a free movie streaming website where we can watch unlimited movies and TV shows at no cost at all. We can find a wide variety of movies here including comedy, drama, thriller, suspense, romantic, etc. 

Not just the variety of movies, all the video content is available here in premium quality. That means we can download all the content in HD quality. So we get free access to all this remarkable content along with getting to download it on your device in premium quality. Now that we are getting all this with zero cost, this is for sure that we wouldn’t want to pay for them on a monthly or yearly basis.

Well, this is not all, there’s so much more about kissmovies that we wouldn’t have even imagined. So let’s have a look at what are the benefits of this astounding website.  

What Makes Kissmovies So Popular?

Meme on torrent sites

Movie streaming was never this convenient and cheap before, but with kissmovies, it is quite possible. Here are some advantages offered by kissmovies:


As said before, streaming movies and TV shows on Kissmovies is absolutely free and requires no subscription. Unlike any other movie streaming platform or app, Kissmovies provide free access to all of its content. Well, not every time we can go to a theater to watch the latest movies or pay for the subscriptions of apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, this is why websites like Kissmovies are the best. They don’t ask for anything, not even for mere signup. 

Picture Quality

Well, no cost doesn’t mean we won’t be getting quality. At Kissmovies, we get premium-quality movies and TV shows to download or stream online. Hence, we can watch unlimited free content in Kissmovies in HD quality.

Save Time

It often happens that we try to save our time by watching the movie on the web itself and not by downloading it, but unfortunately, there are a bunch of websites that don’t allow us to stream a movie online. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Kissmovie, here you will have both of these options. Either download the movie in any format that you want or stream online on the web. 

Wide Variety and Innumerable Choices

Another benefit of Kissmovies is that it has a wide variety of content available here. There’s literally no limitation on the number of movies or TV shows you want to stream on Kissmovies. You can even download limitless movies and TV shows from this website. 

When you visit the official website of Kissmovies, you will see an option saying “Movies List”, simply click on that option and you will get the list of all the movies available on that platform. Pretty simple, right?

Click on movies list

Storage Space

Since you can watch the content from the web itself, there’s no need to download the entire movie or TV show and hamper the memory of your device. Hence, you have got what you wanted and you still have enough space on your device as well. 

So these were the benefits of Kissmovie and the reasons that have made this website so popular and widely preferred by people. Let’s now learn how to download movies or TV shows from Kissmovie.

How to Download Movies From Kissmovies?

Downloading movies or a TV show from Kissmovies is immensely simple, follow the below-given steps and you will be good to go:

  • Launch any of your web browsers and on the search bar type “Kissmovies” and hit the enter button. 
  • Visit the official website of Kissmovies
  • On the very first page of the website only, you will see a search bar. 
  • Click on that search bar and type the name of the movie or TV show that you want to download or stream online.
Click on the search bar
  • Hit the enter button and all the related searches will appear on your screen. 
  • Select the one that you wanted to watch and start streaming. 

So this is how you can download content from Kissmovies within a few steps. Remember how we talked about Kissmovies being a torrent site? Well, taking it a bit further, since it is a torrent site, it provides content illegally. This means all the content available here, all the movies and TV shows are being made public illegally, without the permission of their owners. This is why Kissmovies are always prone to be blocked or banned by the government. But we have nothing to worry about here because such torrent sites are always prone to be banned or blocked and this is why they make more than just one site with similar names. We call them proxy sites. Similarly, Kissmovies have its proxy sites too. We can use these proxy sites when one of them isn’t available or we can’t locate them. Here are some proxy sites of Kissmovies that we can use. 

Accessing Kissmovies Through Proxy Sites

Here’s a list of proxy/mirror sites of Kissmovies that we can use if one of them isn’t available:


If by any chance we are unable to locate the primary site of Kissmovie, we can simply use any of the above sites for streaming unlimited movies and TV shows. 

We understand that you must be curious to know about some legal issues related to Kissmovies, here’s what you should know before you start streaming content on Kissmovies. 

Is Kissmovies a Legal Website?

Most of the time all the torrent sites are not legitimate as they leak the latest content and that too without the permission of the owners. This is what leads them to copyright infringement cases. And this is the reason that these websites are always prone to some legal actions taken up against them like getting them banned or blocked. And this is why the website is banned in some countries. 

Although, Kissmovies are not banned in some countries including India, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, and Korea. Well, there is also a huge collection of vintage movies on Kissmovies, so if you are a 90s or 80s kid, you may find some extraordinary content here. 

But as the website is an illegal website and leaks content without any legal consent from the owners, you should be aware of some other possibilities too like knowing all the alternatives of Kissmovies. Here, we have made this list of some alternatives to Kissmovies that you can use in place of it. 

Alternatives to Kissmovies

There are several countries and ISPs by which Kissmovies have been blocked. This is why it is now more crucial to be aware of all the possible alternatives that we can use in place of Kissmovies:

DVDFab homepage

One of the most reliable streaming services used by people from all over the globe is DVDFab. The website allows you to download unlimited video content and that too in premium quality. You may not have a great experience while using the website for online streaming but for downloading movies and shows it is one of the best and quite reliable. 

Yifymovies homepage

For enjoying unlimited motion pictures and TV shows, YifyMovies is one of the most preferred platforms. There are filters provided on the website that you can set according to your movies needs and the genres you want to watch the content in. The top-ranking shows and trending movies are displayed on the very first page of the website to make it easier for the users to locate where they have been looking for. 

Movies4k homepage

The website has a huge library of the latest videos. We can find all the latest and trending movies, web series TV shows, and even docuseries here. The platform even allows you to download the content in various video resolutions like 350p, 720p, and 1080p. Not just that, the site also supports various languages, so you can watch your trending worldwide content in your language too. homepage

If you are looking for some good quality video content, Vumoo is the right platform. The platform has a wide collection of movies and documentaries. All we have to do is register ourselves on the platform and we can have access to unlimited movies from all over the globe. 

Yes movies homepage

Another one of the most incredible alternatives to Kissmovies is Yes Movies. It has a huge collection of movies and Television series. The best part of this platform is that all the content is accessible without any cost or subscription. We can find movies from various nations here including Albania, Afghanistan, America, Argentina, Algeria, Angola, Andorra, and some more. 

123Movies homepage

It has the most amazing movies and other video content. The website has a pretty simple and clean user interface, making it easier for the new users too to get access to all the free movies and shows. For all Hollywood movie fans, it is the most appropriate platform because it has a wide variety of motion pictures that we can either watch online or download in various video resolutions. 

Moviewatcher homepage

Another robust platform for all Hollywood movies and TV shows lovers is MovieWatcher. The site doesn’t ask for a subscription or even for signup. We can simply visit the site and start streaming our desired content without any interruptions and that too in HD quality. 

Project free tv homepage

For those who want to stream continuously without any interruptions, this site might be the right option. You can stream this site from any device, be it a smartphone, PC, tablet, or any operating system. Project-free TV keeps on updating itself with the latest movies and TV shows. 

Pelisplus homepage

If you can’t decide between old and latest movies, here you will find a wide variety of both so you can look them up and decide for yourself. The site also keeps on releasing new movies to keep us up to date with all the trendy movies and shows 

putlocker homepage

Another top-notch movie streaming website is Putlocker. Here we can find movies in various genres like adventure, horror, thriller, comedy, suspense, crime, drama, etc., we can find a variety of content in each genre here. Plus, the site works with zero cost. 

Primewire homepage

Another great alternative to Kissmovie is PrimeWire. The website provides video hosting websites from where we can simply download the movies or stream online through the web. It also allows you to put some filters on your search list to make it even more accessible for you to get through your desired content. 

Losmovies homepage

A website filled with a huge collection of classic movies. Well, I don’t think there would be anyone that could resist themselves from this website. The website has literally everything, drama, action, family, super-hero, suspense, horror, adventure, sci-fi, and whatnot. In fact, the movies are regularly updated in each category to give their users the best and the most exceptional experience. 

Watch series tv homepage

As the name says, the website is primarily known for streaming a number of videos, TV shows, and web series. Here, you can find full episodes of all the latest series that have been released and all of this with no cost or subscription. And not just the latest series, we can also find all the old TV shows and web series here. 

Gomovies homepage

Another one of the most preferred platforms by users from all over the world. GOMovies have a massive collection of new as well as old movies. Although the website is banned by some countries and regions, we can always use a VPN and start streaming our favorite content. 

Gostream homepage

For all the drama lovers, who love to watch drama series and movies, this is the right platform for you. All the content here is available in high-quality, we can either download it or watch it online. The best part about this website is that it offers some great and exceptional features that make it stand apart from all the other torrent websites.

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