Privacy Policy

Updated on July 20, 2021 | by admin

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Webslosh, has a huge concern on their users regarding the online privacy. Without your consent, we are not going to in any way collect information about you. When you sign in for any of the activities, only during that time, we will collect your information. 

You must always remember that any information you add on the forum is visible for the public to read, so ensure that you do not add any kind of personal or sensitive information. 

Informations that will be accumulate at once you visit webslosh are:

  • Data such as cookies, web beacons and a few more details will be collected automatically when you visit our site. 
  • All the IP addresses that you visit, characteristics of operating system, system settings and information about your browser; all these details will be collected at once you visit our site.

Why do we collect?

  1. According to your feedback, queries, comments and request we try to improve our standard of presentation according to your recommendation. 
  2. Another most important reason for collecting these details is to render services as you have requested us. 
  3. For developing our business more, anyhow it will result in a mutual benefit. 
  4. Applicable legal requirements and company’s policy must be met. 
  5. We want to protect from identity theft, fraud and any other illegal activities.
  6. We do data analytics based on the usage of our site.

Do we share information?

Only the service providers who are also our workers will get the data that you have shared and work for us.

  1. In situations, if disclosure is needed to prevent any kind of loss or harm to the company, then we will do so. 
  2. If we need to disclose because of any law or legal process, we will have to proceed further.
  3. Any kind of analytical or statistical reason, we ought to share the information to the advertisers about our user base. 
  4. Also for the internal business purpose we may share the information that has been collected. 

Methods we use to safeguard the collected data:

  • We maintain proper technical, administrative, and physical measures to protect your data from unlawful use or alteration or any other unauthorized destruction. 

Privacy of children:

  • Webslosh is not a site for children and so we do not collect information from children whose age is below 16. Unknowingly if we had collected their information and then we found it, we would delete all their information immediately. 

Data access and retention:

  • All the data that is collected will be retained only when the purpose of collecting it gets completed. 
  • Sometimes, we even tend to store the data for a long time.

Amendments in the privacy policy:

  • Whenever we make any changes in the privacy policy we will mention all the changes that we have made and notify you.
  • Amendments will be kept updated to you. 

Ethics policy:

  • Webslosh’s contributors are the one who create and publish content on our site and they will be paid according to the content they have created. 
  • The duty of the contributors is to keep track of the ethical standards and legal requirements of our company.  
  • Contributors and writers must ensure that their content is both practical and trustworthy.
  • After various research and experiments, writers and contributors prepare the content and make it available on the site for everyone to get use of it.
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