What are Some Risks to File Sharing: Description and Protection

Updated on October 20, 2022 | By Ankit

In today’s world business development is negatively affected by the risk of information leakage. The document sharing software can be used to prevent it. One of the innovations is cloud technology. The risks increase in its absence. Employees of some companies share files. For example, videos or printed documents. They are stored on removable devices or on centralized servers. 

For security purposes, file sharing should be kept confidential. Companies and their employees use a secure mode. The document being transmitted is encrypted. Some of the security methods are obsolete. The first is if you send traditional paper letters through the mail. The latter are recommended to be duplicated in electronic format so as not to lose them.

The second one is the fax. It is popular in the public sector, education, and health care. Encryption and decryption are required to increase security. The disadvantages include paper consumption, and time spent sending and receiving documents. Another method is the USB flash drive. Because of its small size, it can be lost along with sensitive information. 

Cloud Services for Secure File Sharing

Cloud services are used more and more often. The risk of a violation is reduced to a minimum. For example, during an attack by intruders. It is recommended to consult experts on how the cloud is suitable for storing confidential information. Documents need to be synchronized with the network. 

What are the Potential Risks of File Sharing  

The enterprises use secure documents on a secure platform that does not raise any doubts. For personal use, you can find your own software provider. Three main risks are taken into account.

  1. Lack of control over information. 
  2. It is impossible to review data flows.
  3. The weak policy of implementing your own software. 

The first risk occurs when several employees have access to information. When they send documents to employees of other companies, it is impossible to guarantee confidentiality. 

The second is when employees who go outside the IT department use documents. They send documents in such a way that they cannot be checked by colleagues. As a result, the situation becomes uncontrollable for business owners. 

In the third case, company employees are allowed to use their own devices (laptops or cell phones). With their help, people connect to the corporate network. In this case, proprietary information gets mixed up with personal information.

How to Perform Secure File Sharing

You have to find the right platform for secure file sharing. It should connect quickly to existing devices. It can include four components.

  1. The reliable movement of information. For example, in encrypted form.
  2. Consolidation. Several enterprises can use a single platform. 
  3. Dashboards. It is easier to keep track of information with the help of visualization. 
  4. Automation of processes. For this purpose, some enterprises apply ready templates. 

A centralized platform with controlled document transfer is suitable. When employees use portable devices, the risk of information theft is minimized. For this, the company must maintain full control. 

Without control, there is a risk of data theft. It’s not always the employees’ fault. Attackers can hack into their laptops and cell phones. In this case, confidential documents become publicly available which can damage the company’s reputation. Therefore, the safe transfer of various documents is one of the important points that a reliable company should take care of in advance to prevent any leakage of information.

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