October 18, 2021
List of Proxy/Mirror Sites

Tamilrockers: List of Proxy/Mirror Sites and Ways to Unblock the Tempting Torrenting Giant

Disclaimer: The main objective of the information offered in this blog is to educate the audience about torrent sites. We do not, in any way, promote or support the use of such sites that offer the distribution of copyrighted content and it is advised for you to steer clear of such sites unless you would like a trip to prison.

Imagine how the cavemen used to entertain themselves. Actually, don’t do that. We don’t want people to stab each other for fun, we have world governments for that. Puns aside, in our world, movies are known to be the primary source of entertainment for a majority of people. 

This is also why torrenting sites have always been on the bright side of the room when it comes to traffic as most people don’t like the idea of spending money for watching the latest TV shows and movies. 

If you think of yourself as “most people”, the website of Tamilrockers might seem like a household name to you. For those of you who are still in the dark as to what Tamilrockers is, it is a great torrenting website that offers a large collection of movies and TV shows to users from a wide range of genres for both streaming and downloading purposes.

The site quickly rose through the ranks after its inception in 2019. Sadly, 2020 hasn’t been kind to anyone and this site was no exception. Due to copyright violations, the website has been banned in several regions, majorly in the Indian subcontinent. 

But loyal fans and people related to the platform kept their hands full and decided to make sure that proxy and mirror sites came online as soon as the site went down in certain regions. 

If you are looking for ways to access the site by unblocking it, welcome to the club as today’s blog is all about proxy sites, mirror sites, and different ways that can be used to unblock this movie site.

Now that we know about this torrenting giant, let us get to know about the proxy and mirror sites of this platform that are working in the year 2021.

List of top working proxy and mirror sites of Tamilrockers

Although most people are no stranger to the workings of proxy sites, we will explain it again just in case you are a newbie. A proxy site simply acts as an intermediate between the parent website and the user to make sure that the user can access all of the content that the original platform offered. 

Mirror sites on the other hand are regarded as clones of the original site that are made by people to make it look like the original site isn’t down while offering the same services. 

Proxy sites

  • Tamilrockers.pl proxy 
  • Tamilrockers.ch proxy
  • Tamilrockers.cx proxy
  • Tamilrockers.im unblock
  • Tamilrockers.lv proxy
  • Tamilrockers.net proxy
  • Tamilrockers.proxy
  • Tamilrockers.unblock
  • Tamilrockers.unblock.app
  • Tamilrockers.vpn
  • Tamilrockers.ws proxy

Mirror sites

  • Tamilrockersmrunlock.space

This mirror site is a picture-perfect replica of the parent website and offers all of the content that was available on the original platform. There are plenty of other websites that have done the same to make themselves look like the original one.

  • Tamilrockersnocensor.casa 

With a regularly updated collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, and even Tamil movies. This mirror site remains pretty popular among users. The best thing is that the movies are available in both subbed and dubbed versions. 

  • Tamilrockers.prox4you.pro

This popular mirror hosts almost all of the content that was available on the original platform. A majority of the latest movies can be streamed and downloaded from this mirror.

  • Tamilrockers.ws

All of the latest movies and TV shows are available here. No barrier restrictions and limits, users simply get to enjoy the benefits of downloading movies and TV shows for free with the use of this mirror site. 

  • Tamilrockers.unblockproject.icu

The site offers copyrighted programs, music, substances, and many other things to the clients. As a user, you can easily find quality content here for both personal and professional use. 

  • Tamilrockers.123unblock.monster

This popular mirror operates on the servers of the United States. This makes the site accessible for all without any restrictions. Similar to all of the other mirror sites, it also has all of the content that the parent website had to offer. The wide range of content available here makes this mirror popular.

  • Tamilrockers.unblocknow.pro

A standout mirror site of Tamilrockers. This website offers all of the latest content, be it anime, movies, TV shows, and even songs. Users can not only download the content but can also make good use of the magnet links to browse through the different sections that are available on the site. 

  • Tamilrockers.unbl0ck.fun

The user interface of this mirror is pretty impressive which makes it easy for the users to explore and download the content of their choice. It is often regarded as one of the first mirror sites of Tamirockers. The site hosts more torrent files than any other mirror site.

  • Tamilrockers.u4m.fun

This mirror is deemed as the best site for fans to access after the original platform. The site has everything that a user can dream of, be it music, movies, shows, and even documents. 

These are some of the most popular proxy and mirror sites of the infamous Tamilrockers that can help a user to access the site in case the parent website is banned or blocked in your region. 

But if for some reason you are unable to unblock the site of Tamilrockers with the use of these websites, worry not as we have come up with a couple of other methods that can help you to get the job done. 

Simple Ways to Unblock Tamilrockers (2021)

With the use of a VPN

Deemed as the safest way to access any blocked site, VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows the users to access blocked sites while making sure that their identity remains hidden from their ISP. On top of that, a VPN also offers an added layer of security for a safer experience. Let us take a look at the steps that can be carried out to use a VPN without much fuss;

  • First off, you will need to download and install a premium VPN. 
  • From there, enable the VPN service and connect to a VPN server. 
  • Finish by accessing the site of Tamilrockers. 

Although a free VPN will offer the same services, keep in mind that the latter may slow down the downloading speed. A premium VPN may cost a few bucks but it will always outperform a free one. 

Via the use of Tor Browser

A Tor Browser allows users to access content from all over the globe while maintaining complete anonymity with the use of the onion routing method. Follow the steps given below to know how you can do the same with the use of this browser. 

  • Begin by downloading Tor Browser. 
  • For the next step, extract the zip folder from your computer. 
  • Now, install the browser step by step.

And just like that, you can access any website on the internet without having to worry about geo-restrictions.

These two methods can be used to unblock the site of Tamilrockers. It is recommended for you to use both methods simultaneously for the best results.

In case you want to explore your options apart from this site, move to the next segment.  

Let us take a look at some of the best alternatives to Tamilrockers in case you are unable to unblock the site of Tamilrockers due to some reason. 

Top Working Alternatives of Tamilrockers (2021) 

1. MovieRulz

If you are on the lookout for a vast collection of movies and TV shows, you have come to the right place. MovieRulz stands tall at the Numero Uno spot on our list and rightfully so as users can find almost every movie ever made. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Spanish, Chinese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Korean along with many others. 

To top all this, users can also access links to download movies in different resolutions as well. As opposed to Tamilrockers, this site does not host any movies and TV shows on its homepage but worry not as you will be able to find different streaming links for the content of your choice. 

Not just movies, users can also select from a plethora of famous web series, TV shows, dramas, and documentaries that are available for both streaming and downloading purposes. The platform is compatible with every device along with the option of an application for users who like to enjoy on the go.  

2. 123Movies LA

Number 2 on our list isn’t an ordinary bystander on the internet. The platform has a huge collection of movies and TV shows that can be streamed for free. The sad thing is that users will be unable to find any regional or Indian content on this platform. 

But the good news for citizens of the world is that English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese movies and TV shows are available in abundance on this streaming site. 

What makes this platform stand out is the streaming experience that the users get, which is unparalleled to any other streaming platform. 

All in all, it is a must-visit platform for people who have a taste for the finer things in entertainment.

3. Hiidudemv

Apart from having a catchy username, the platform is famous for having a large collection of both Hollywood and Asia-based movies and TV shows for the users to stream and download from. The dark theme homepage gives it an attractive look and the filters available here make it easy for the users to explore through the different sections and genres of this website. 

Some of the most popular genres on this site include drama, comedy, action, and romance along with many others. Apart from this, there are also several sections such as HD movies, dubbed, and recently released. 

Everything is available for free but the only thing that may come off as a drawback is the frequent occurrence of advertisements. 

In a nutshell, a great database, HD formatted titles, and a brilliant function for songs make this site a worthy replacement for the beloved Tamilrockers.  

4. Vudu 

Entertainment fans, behold the Vudu. No, we are not talking about the doll that usually comes up in horror movies. If you are on the lookout for a platform that is completely legal and offers everything that a movie fan can ever dream of, welcome home.  

The platform offers tons of great services to the users, with the only downside being a couple of ads every now and then. Keeping in mind that the site is free and legal, it may take some time for newly released movies to make their way on this platform in HD quality. 

Users may also get to see the option of renting or purchasing a movie as not every movie is available for free on this movie streaming platform. 

Coming to the user interface, great filters, easy navigation, and the option to sort movies via alphabetical order, year, country and more makes this site worth all the hype. 

Register on this site today to experience the very best of cinematic entertainment for free. 

5. OnlineMovieWatch

It is highly regarded as one of the most perfect alternatives to Tamilrockers where users can find all sorts of different movies from the land of Hollywood, Bollywood, and even Tollywood. 

Popular genres such as action, comedy, horror, romance, drama, and many others are available here. This comes as a relief for the fans that the site not only has newly released hits but also offers classic retro chartbusters. 

Users get the option to sort all the movies by year, country, alphabetical order, and many more filters to make sure that you get to find the movie of your choice without breaking a sweat. 

The platform comes with a dark theme and a great overall layout with the only annoying factor being the pop-up ads.  

6. WoloWtube

As we move into the lower half of our list, this platform is a blessing for people who love their entertainment on the go. WoloWtube has a large collection of movies and TV shows that can be accessed without any sort of sign-ups and are free for all users. 

It is deemed by many as a great place as the platform works more like a search engine. This makes it easier for the users to find everything that they want to know about the movie or the show simply by entering the name of the content in the search box. 

The best part about this site is the availability of the latest releases in HD quality which enhances the streaming experience of a user. 

7. Einthusan

Number 7 is pretty popular in the Indian subcontinent and rightfully so since it offers tons of different movies and TV shows from the Indian, Chinese, Korean, American, and tons of other regions for free of cost. 

All of the content is available in HD quality and users also get the option of downloading movies to enjoy them offline. The platform made headlines a couple of years back when it was targeted by ISPs and government agencies for violating copyright laws, but it still worked its way out to offer users amazing content. 

Sadly, the platform is not available worldwide due to the same copyright infringement reason. Apart from this, Einthusan can very well become the perfect replacement for the crowned king of movies in the Indian subcontinent. 

8. BollytoTolly 

A worldwide platform that offers content in HD quality without having to pay for anything at all. Yes, number 8 is all that. The site offers an impressive collection of movies and TV shows from different parts of the globe that is available for users without any registrations or sign-ups. 

Coming to the interface, the navigation of the platform is pretty smooth and easy to use. Almost all of the content is available in great quality and every title comes with a description, reviews, summary, and the list of starring actors which allows the users to know what kind of content they will be watching. 

As far as we and the users can tell, the site is picture-perfect and doesn’t have any sort of drawbacks. A great user interface, brilliant content collection, and detailed content information make this site a must-visit platform.

9. VexMovies

Next on our list is a platform that isn’t known to many. The site of VexMovies ranks among some of the best alternatives to Tamilrockers and has featured in multiple lists on the internet. Similar to many platforms on our list, users can simply access the content of their choice without any sort of registration.

The site hosts something for everyone. Be it action for adults, comedy for kids, or science, drama, and horror for the wicked, this platform leaves no stones unturned. 

You also get the option of sorting the high-definition content via genre, date released, etc. which makes it easier for you to find the content of your choice instantly. For movie buffs, rejoice as this website is everything that you seek.  

10. ZMovies

This is it. The end of this compilation. Number 10 is updated on a regular basis. While many neglect this website as a potential alternative, Zmovies has always continued to turn heads with its great services. 

Users need to create an account to access all of the perks that the site has to offer. With the content available in HD along with the option of downloading it for offline use, the site sure packs a punch for someone who doesn’t get enough credit and recognition. 

Action, adventure, comedy, horror, romance, biography, science, and tons of other categories are available here so the users can find what they are looking for with relative ease. Most of the content is available right at the homepage of this platform.

Simply visit Zmovies to browse and stream the content of your choice, be it a popular TV show, new releases, or even a vintage classic hit. 

And there you have it, folks! These are some of the best alternatives to Tamilrockers that a user can access in case the beloved Tamilrockers isn’t accessible. There are tons of other platforms available on the internet in case you don’t seem to like any of the sites that we have mentioned in our list.

Let us now take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet when it comes to Tamilrockers. 


Q.1- Who administers the website of Tamilrockers?

Ans 1- It is unknown as to who exactly administers the website of Tamilrockers but according to credible sources, 5 individuals were arrested from Coimbatore and reports stated that they had alleged connections with Tamilrockers. 

Q.2- Is it possible to download Tamilrockers from proxy sites?

Ans 2- Yes, it is quite possible to download movies, TV shows, and tons of other things from the proxy sites of Tamilrockers with relative ease.  

Q.3- Is it illegal to download movies for free from Tamilrockers?

Ans 3-Torrent platforms are illegal in many countries and since the website of Tamilrockers has pirated content on it, you may end up in legal trouble for trying to access this site. 

Q.4- Can Tamilrockers be accessed and unblocked easily?

Ans 4- Yes, and the best way to do so is with the use of a premium VPN. 


Tamilrockers has been a household name for users who access torrent platforms frequently. The site has a pretty impressive collection and offers all of the content in high quality. Sadly, for the fans, the site has been restricted by government agencies due to copyright issues. 

Worry not as we have mentioned some of the working proxy sites along with some top alternatives of this site that can help users to access similar content for free with relative ease. 

We hope that this blog has everything that you were looking for. 

Up until next time!

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