How to Download and Watch Movies Via Telegram?

Updated on October 17, 2022 | By Sejal Mehra


Movies are a great source of rejuvenation after a tiring day. People make plans with their friends and relatives to go out for a movie on the weekends.

You will be glad to know that Telegram is also a movie app that provides you with the best quality content for free. Yes, you don’t have to give a single penny to watch your favorite movies. There exist the best telegram channels for movies, which you will surely find amazing. The quick downloadable links make the process quite easy, and the process gets completed in just one go.  

What is Telegram?

Telegram Channel

Telegram is an online application that helps reduce your online time taken when you are searching for platforms to watch online movies. Launched by Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013, the app consists of multiple functions. You can find a variety of innovative functions such as secret chat, bots, media compression, and especially downloading long movies within a few minutes. Further, it provides end-to-end encryption of messages. 

There are various channels available that you need to join first. The regular group updates will keep you aware of the latest trend in the market. Moreover, you will get new references for the latest movies with a downloadable link as well. Hence, you don’t need to buy such costly premium plans or subscription packages because here you are getting the required content easily at no cost. 

Why Is Telegram the Preferred Choice?

Telegram is the Preferred Choice

There doesn’t lie only one cause behind such an overwhelming engagement, but plenty of reasons. I have compiled some significant ones below:

  • The telegram movies download channels have a variety of options to serve and hence you can explore thoroughly to discover your interests as well.
  • It’s faster and safe to a great extent than the other related applications, where access to your favorite movies is easily available.
  • It saves your high expenses of taking initial subscriptions or premium plans as the application is free to use. Any movie available on Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, or any other premium app, which requires you to pay an amount, needs no money to be accessed through Telegram.
  • It’s not only about obsolete and old movies. You can enjoy the latest and trending films here. Now, imagine how helpful this app is.
  • In case you are unaware of the film’s theme and story, taking the help of users’ comments and reviews in any group will provide you with an outline. Thus, you save your time from long hours of researching and analyzing the story.
  • Through telegram, file size up to 2 GB can be shared. Furthermore, there is a capacity of 2,00,000 people to be added to any group, which is quite large in any online messaging platform. 

How to Download Movies From Telegram?

Telegram movies download is a very straightforward process. Let’s see the steps: 

Download the App

Download Telegram App
  • First, download the Telegram application. You can download it on any of your devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, web browsers, and others.
  • As soon as you download it on your available device, start registering yourself with your phone number. Within a few steps further, your registration will be successful.

Search for the Telegram Channels

Searching for telegram channels

After you are done with your registration process, start searching for a suitable telegram movie channel that perfectly matches your needs. You shall see a search icon, “click it”.

Use this search bar to look for what you want. Hence, type the correct name of the movie you want to see and Telegram will show you the appropriate results.

Well, there are different ways to explore. Either you write a specific genre, name of the movie, cast name, or anything else which seems relevant to your search. You can simply write “Hollywood” if you want to watch some good Hollywood movies. Similarly, write “humor” in the search bar to look for some humorous web series or movies. You will see a variety of results. Now, choose accordingly and join a specific channel that best relates to your search query.

In the groups, various links might have been shared. Search for yours and get started with the Telegram movies app download process. 

Click the Download Link

Click the download link

After you have joined a channel that actively posts about your mentioned movie or web series, start searching for the download links which are mentioned with each post put up in the discussion. The Telegram movies channel download link needs to be clicked, it is nothing but the blue button of the download symbol. After clicking it, you will be able to see that your download has already started. It will get done once the 100% circle is completed.

You may explore some alternative applications as well or some proxy websites such as RDxHD where you can watch any of your favorite movies online for free of cost.

What If You are not Able to See the Download Link?

Below are the few steps you are required to follow and within a few minutes, you will be able to resolve your issue. 

  • Sometimes, you may not be able to find the link to your favorite movie. To solve this, use another strategy. Search for the three dots at the top of the screen on the right side. Thereafter, press search. 
  • Now, you know what to do. Simply enter the name of your movie and very soon you will be located in the ink of the movie you desire to see.

That’s it. Now you may be wondering where all downloads are saved. Relax and look at your device. All of your downloads from Telegram will be saved in your phone storage. See the diagram below:

Telegram Channels for Hindi Movies

Hindi movies on Telegram

There exist millions of Hindi movie lovers and for them, there are multiple telegram movie channels. People are always dying to see their ideal actors, hear famous dialogues, and listen to iconic songs. Some of the best telegram channels for movies are listed below:

Movie Series 🎬  Click here
Telegram New Hindi Movie ChannelClick here
Netflix Movies IndiaClick here
Netflix Bollywood moviesClick here

Telegram Channels For Hollywood Movies

Hollywood movies on Telegram

You may be able to identify the headline very quickly because it is self-explained. There are so many best telegram channels for movies that are updated regularly with upcoming trailers, reviews, trending news about new movies, and much more. 

In India, where more than 29 languages are spoken, it has an additional value. The telegram contains several channels of Hollywood movies in English and dubbed in Hindi too. India has a big craze for Hollywood movies, more than what they have for Bollywood movies. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that not only in India but Telegram movie channels are trending in Iran also. 

Recently, it gained decent fame in Hollywood too. This shows how strongly Telegram is building its strong goodwill in the domestic as well as international market. One of the producers of Hollywood understood the dominance of this app and thus created a channel with his movie name. The plan was to heavily promote his movies and to update the audience regarding ideas, story, cast, and crew associated with the film.

Movie Series 🍿click here
Hollywood_english_Netflix_Moviesclick here
Hollywood Moviesclick here
Hollywood Horror Movies ✔️click here
New English Moviesclick here
🎬 English Movies World Newsclick here
Hollywood Film Series Collectionclick here
Hollywood Movies Groupclick here

Telegram Channels For Tamil Movies

Tamil Movies on Telegram 

Just like Bollywood is associated with North Indian or Hindi films, Kollywood is the accurate name used for Tamil films. You can see how love for Tamil movies is increasing rapidly in the Hindi audience also. 

Many original Tamil movies were remade in Hindi to gain popularity in Bollywood as well. Some famous examples are Ghajini, Singham, Bahubali, Chitti: the Robot, Laxmi, Drishyam, and Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

The below-given reference is for those who are big fans of Tamil Cinema. If you are one of those who love to see Tamil movies, congratulations, you are in the right place. I have curated a list of some very renowned Telegram movie channel links which will provide you with a large variety of such movies’ references.

Movies HD Tamil latest Teluguclick here
Tamil Yogi Moviesclick here

Telegram Channels For Punjabi Movies

Punjabi Movies on Telegram

The Punjabi industry has evolved substantially. You can easily differentiate between its old and latest movies and music. Its continuous experimentation and success thereafter have awakened an overwhelming demand all over India today. Punjabi movies and songs are known for their enriched culture and originality. Their high energy always attracts the viewers towards it. 

Be it marriages, festivals, cultural occasions, or any other special events, the enjoyment isn’t fulfilled unless Punjabi songs are played. 

Most of you may be exhausted while searching and discovering sources to watch your favorite Punjabi movies. Relax and don’t worry because I have mentioned the list of all those Punjabi movie channels on Telegram via which your problem can be resolved. Let’s have a look.

New Punjabi movies 

It’s a very popular channel for Punjabi movies, with a connection base of approximately 26.4k. You can always find the latest links and related updates about Punjabi movies here. Moreover, all the content shared is 100% real and hence there are no chances of any false news.

Click here

🎬 Shooter Punjabi Movie Download

As you can assume from the name itself, again, it’s a specific channel for new and trending Punjabi movies. This channel also has a huge subscriber base of 34.9k. One of the best positive points of this channel is the outstanding video quality. Every video you see via this group is high resolution. 

Click here

Similarly, the other channels are as follows:

Latest New Movies PunjabiClick here
New Punjabi Movie Qismat 2Click here
Punjabi movies👍Click here
Latest New Punjabi Panjabi MoviesClick here

Disclaimer is always against movie piracy. It’s my suggestion to either go to the theater or get a paid subscription to original online platforms to avoid any risk further. Downloading movies in an illicit manner will get you into serious legal issues ahead. Be ready to face the harsh consequences, or switch to authentic references.

Moreover, the difference between what seems legal and illegal can be made with the use of your intellect also. Try to analyze the kind of updates the online group on Telegram is giving. Observe the level of activity, authenticity, and much more. In case you are not getting any response from the admin, it’s better to leave the group and join another.

Imagine that something extremely expensive is easily accessible without giving a single penny to one source, won’t you doubt it? You will. It’s 100% unlawful, so, be sure to step out of such an unauthorized trap as soon as you can.


Ans: Some basic rules to follow in any telegram channel:

  • All must share the content and discuss anything related to the relevant topic only.
  • Fights are not entertained.
  • Abusive and vulgar language is prohibited.
  • Nobody will hurt the sentiments of anyone related to caste, gender, place, or religion.
  • Group photo and group name can be changed by admin only and nobody else has the liberty to do so.

Ans: Your intuitions are right. If you want to take my advice, I will suggest you do not follow it. From my perspective, downloading paid movies for free from telegram is illegal. This is an act of piracy, which is a complete crime in our country. And it’s not surprising to say that almost all the channels running on telegram do movie piracy. To avoid any risk further, it’s better to opt for legit sources.

Ans: After some days of publishing the link of movies, they are removed because it’s an act of movie piracy. Since many channels were sharing several links of originally paid movies for free, real owners were experiencing heavy losses. To avoid this big problem ahead, a lot of channels were banned, and more strictness was brought in to remain on the safer side.

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