12 Best Streaming Apps to Watch Free Movies Online

Updated on October 3, 2022 | By Ankit


Are you a movie buff at heart? Everything is easily accessible with just one click on numerous internet streaming programs. It’s a bummer that these streaming services aren’t available for free. In addition, paying for subscriptions is expensive. However, you no longer have to be concerned about them. We have produced a list of several excellent free movie apps for internet streaming after extensive investigation.

The satisfactory aspect is that there is nothing referred to as “piracy” in these free movie apps; they are completely legal. Here are the top free movie apps to watch a ton of movies legally, so let’s move on without additional trash talking.  

What are the Best Free Movie Apps 2022?  

The top free Android movie apps are listed below. YouTube occasionally has free movie streaming available, but because it happens so infrequently, we have left it off of our list. Simply launch one of these platforms on your PC or mobile device and start viewing movies in high definition whenever and wherever you desire. With movie applications like the ones mentioned below, there is no deficit of stuff to fix your eyes nowadays. 

1. HotStar 

Website: Disney+ Hotstar – Watch TV Shows, Movies, Specials, Live Cricket & Football

In India and other countries, Hotstar is among the most widely used free movie apps. Although you might not have access to everything with a free membership, it includes movies, TV series, and live sports. The streams appear to function properly, and there are commercials as you might anticipate.

ProDespite the limited accessibility, it’s a usable free streaming platform.
ConMany of the concerns about this app are related to the World Cup and how Hotstar didn’t function effectively with the Jio TV app.

2. Crunchyroll

Website: Crunchyroll – Watch Popular Anime & Read Manga Online

In the majority of countries, Crunchyroll is one of the most used anime streaming services. It has an enormous amount of stuff, comprising a ton of new material every season. That does really include films. Till the time you don’t mind commercials, it is a good website to watch free content. After acquiring Funimation, Crunchyroll started integrating the service in 2022. There is no competition in this area. The best site for anime aficionados is Crunchyroll. 

ProAvailability of a Long list of movies.
ConCrunchyroll offers a free tier that is supported by advertisements.  

3. Kodi

Website: Open Source Home Theater Software | Kodi

An Android media player app better known as Kodi includes a complete UI for controlling everything and allows local playback of video and audio. A few of its Plugins, like USTVNow, let you view channels as well as movies broadcast on them without paying anything.  

ProIts capacity to run plugins, many of which can give free material, is one of its other amazing capabilities.
ConSeveral of the plugins won’t work for your list because everyone doesn’t support piracy. 

4. Pluto TV

Website: Pluto TV – It’s Free TV

Another well-liked selection for free movie apps is Pluto TV. It offers thousands of on-demand movies and TV series in addition to hundreds of TV channels. Like most other systems, it operates smoothly. You receive video material in return for watching adverts. The program actually functions rather well, and the adverts aren’t as obnoxious as they usually are. In our list, this is one of the best choices. 

Pluto TV
ProPluto TV offers 17 carefully chosen movie channels for genres like comedy, romance, and horror.
ConVery few “brand new” installments of popular movies are available.

5. Hoopla Digital

Website: hoopla | streaming audiobooks, music, video & ebooks (hoopladigital.com)

An all-inclusive source of free content is Hoopla Digital. It shows you a ton of things for free by using your library card and local library access. This includes songs, eBooks, music, television shows, movies, and even humorous books. Additionally, the app supports Android TV and Chromecast. Apart from that, it functions fairly well. 

Hoopla Digital
ProProvides an amazing Local Library Tool which is rare to find on other websites.
ConTo use your library card with your local library, you must be a member of the Hoopla network. 

6. Yidio

Website: Watch Six Streaming Online – Yidio

An application that streams video material is not the actual definition of Yidio. However, it’s a fantastic way to look for streaming entertainment. To locate the movies you want to watch, use this app to watch Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon Prime, and more than 300 other services. Then, you might check to see if any legal services offer to show them for free. 

ProEven if you can’t watch any of the content here, this is still a useful method for finding it on the platform itself.
ConThe number of advertisements and suggested stuff is a bit overwhelming, but you grow used to it. 

7. Bee TV

Website: BeeTV Official – Download Latest Version 3.2.0 for Android, iOS & PC – BeeTV

A free streaming service called BeeTV is sometimes referred to as an unlocked version of Amazon Prime as well as Netflix. The software will provide a list of links with MB sizes when you search for any movie or television show you want to view. Any link can be followed to view or even download stuff for free. Utilize this free Android app to watch recently released movies.

Bee TV
ProBee TV provides a user experience similar to Netflix and is generally free of intrusive advertisements. 
ConIt has several complaints previously recorded regarding the dead links.

8. Vudu

Website: Vudu – Rent, Buy, Watch Movies & TV Online

This is another well-liked platform for content delivery. The Vudu App’s finest feature makes it an excellent option for HD streaming because it provides full-length movies in 1080p. On supported devices, the app provides Dolby Atmos for crystal clear sound. Movies on Vudu are divided into categories including humor, suspense as well as crime, family & kids, action, etc. The Vudu app features a very straightforward and accessible layout. Renting movies is an option. On VUDU, there are countless free movies with advertising. In the section labeled New Movies, you can watch free movies.

ProWith a library of more than 20,000+ programs, Vudu has some of the top movies and TV series available for viewing.
ConEven for free content, you must have a User Account to watch movies on Vudu, although signing up is completely free.

9. MovieBox

Website: MovieBox Pro | App for Watch Movies Free (iOS, Android, PC, TV)

Thanks to its slick UI and simple navigation, MovieBox is by far the most well-liked free online movie streaming app. The most well-known internet streaming app, with lots of free functions, is the one on the topic. It is the ideal substitute for Netflix and other subscription-based video streaming services because it provides free audiovisual content. To stream movies and other stuff for free, the Movie box crawls numerous torrent search engines and websites.

ProThe app provides a lot of movies and TV series without requiring a login and without bothersome advertisements.
ConCannot be accessed without an internet connection.

10. Popcorn Time

Website: Download Popcorn Time 0.4.7 for Windows | Uptodown.com

Fans of a distinctive genre of audiovisual content will be enthralled by Popcorn Time which shows movies. The program streams the episode or movie you wish to view on your device by using the torrent file for it. Popcorn Time is the best app for streaming from the never-ending massive pirate library while looking up your favorite movie. You can directly stream the content thanks to the App’s indexing of the magnet links. The movies are also available for download to Android mobile devices.  

Popcorn Time
ProYou can put movies you’ve downloaded on your Android phone’s internal storage.
ConThe user will be denied security and privacy features if they don’t utilize a VPN with Popcorn Time. 

11. Peacock TV

Website: Unavailable In Your Region (peacocktv.com)

A brand-new mobile streaming service called Peacock TV is another good place for content. Despite this, the platform provides high-quality entertainment without charging customers. Seasons of well-known television programs like The Office, 30 Rock, and others are among a few popular series. Peacock TV may air five minutes of advertisements per hour in exchange for providing you with free entertainment. 

Peacock TV
ProIt offers 40,000 hours’ worth of free movies, series, and episodes as the streaming service division of NBCUniversal. 
ConPeacock TV is only accessible in the US and certain of its regions. You may only access the service, though, by using the top mobile VPNs.

12. OneBox HD

Website: OneBox HD | Download OneBox HD App on Android, iOS & PC

The newest movies and TV shows are available on OneBox HD, making it one of the best free movie apps. Action, comedy, documentaries, family, horror, mysteries, adventures, and history are just a few of the many genres you can select from. To watch videos whenever and wherever you want without a subscription, OneBox HD allows you to search for and download them. To watch movies, you even require a third-party player.

OneBox HD
ProYou may view your movies on your cast performers to your Smart TV with this software since OneBox HD also supports Google Chromecast. 
ConThe app is outdated and has very few feature updates.

So now you know where to watch free movies without any trouble. In case you are looking for a proxy of Torrentz2 you should also learn the simple process to download movies. As the above list states the major pros and cons of the website with their useability. We hope this guide might help you in choosing the most suitable app for yourself.

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