4 Ways You Can Customize Your BMW

Updated on October 28, 2022 | By Priyanka Tomar

BMW’s superior performance in the auto industry market stems from the manufacturer’s ability to develop exceptionally high-quality cars. When shopping for a BMW, you’ll be able to choose among many models. While most models offer almost similar engine options, the style and features differ, which affects the performance. BMW performance vehicles are customized with all kinds of enhancements, allowing you to stay competitive on the track regardless of your car’s model.

BMWs are customizable in various ways, including:

Suspension Tuning

Suspensions on stock cars come per industry specifications. Manufacturers often input suspension systems depending on the projected car use and its proposed environment. Most performance cars come with a suspension suitable for track, so you need to change it if you drive on a rough road.

Investing in a suspension system upgrade helps you ride more comfortably and improves your car’s performance. Installing coil overs will enhance your car’s traction, making handling easier. Your ride also becomes safer with suspension upgrades if you plan on improving your engine’s power output.

Suspension tuning involves balancing the anti-roll bar, spring, and damping to achieve perfect geometry. A well-balanced suspension will hold wheel and tire upgrades properly, promoting stability. This enables your BMW to remain stable and feels comfortable even at high speeds.

Engine Tuning

BMW engines are developed using sophisticated technology, which makes them powerful. Manufacturers often cap performance to allow engines the maximum useful life. Investing in a quality engine build can help unlock extra power while protecting your engine.

The main two ways you can tune your engine are engine builds or performance chips. Performance chips, also engine control units (ECU), help remap your engine to improve power output or increase fuel economy. Chip tuning is an inexpensive way to modify engine performance, ideal when customizing your ride on a budget.

Engine builds involve changing components of your engine, like pistons, piston rings, seals, gaskets, and bearings. Replacing such parts with better-quality components can improve performance. Rebuilt engines are often more dependable since they offer you better throttle response.

Custom Exterior Kits

The main difference between base trims and their sports versions is their outlook. Sportier models like BMW M have functional design additions that improve their look and promote performance. Investing in performance kits can help customize your ride’s overall outlook.

The BMW M Performance kit comes with components that help reduce drag force on your car while in motion. Components like struts, rear diffusers, and side skirts improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics. Installing the kit enhances throttle response, making your car faster. Additional parts like kidney grilles and spoilers offer your BMW a sportier look.

Buying all these parts individually can be pricey, so the kits come complete with everything you need. When purchasing the performance kit, you enjoy better value for money since every item’s price is discounted.

Performance Parts Upgrades

While customizing your car, you can upgrade various parts to improve performance. Common parts that many BMW enthusiasts upgrade include:

  • Wheels: Tire and wheel upgrades help improve torque and traction. Invest in larger rims with a wider base to boost stability and handling. Sporty rims also enhance your car’s appearance.
  • Air intake: Your engine’s combustion process depends on oxygen to burn fuel and produce power. Installing a cold air intake to feed more oxygen into the engine makes its combustion process more efficient. Cold air also cools down your engine, preventing heat damage to its components.
  • Exhaust: The combustion process produces fumes and soot emitted through the exhaust. An exhaust system upgrade helps release such fumes efficiently, preventing the engine from choking. Better airflow in the engine allows it to produce power continually. Your car will also look and sound much better with a new exhaust.
  • Brakes: The extra power from your engine can make your car’s handling a challenge. Investing in a new brake system helps counteract the additional engine power. Better quality brake discs and pads make handling your BMW easier and offer you confidence when pushing its performance limits.
  • Fuel injection: The amount of fuel that goes into the combustion chamber determines the power output from your engine. Installing a high-flow fuel injection system alongside your air intake balances the fuel-to-air ratio for optimal performance.

Customize Your Car for Optimal BMW Performance

BMWs exceptional engineering standards allow them to produce high-quality cars. As a car enthusiast, investing in quality upgrades will help you enjoy better comfort and easier handling. Customizing your ride can also improve BMW performance and make your car stand out.

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