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Updated on May 25, 2022 | by admin

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Love writing creatively? We always welcome skilled writers with a wide smile who can create content that is original, interesting, unique, meaningful and with a deep research on all topics that you are about to create. Basically in our blogs we concentrate in various areas like gadgets, software, technical services or any other interventions. 

We also welcome any unique and new content creators for our website to create fresh original content. Webslosh contributes content to different readers who will visit our site are tech enthusiasts, tech specialists, customers, experts and so many other people will be visiting; so the creators must create content qualitatively. 

We will accept from you when the content you provide is good and the way of presentation is made from the following topics. 

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • AOL mail
  • Gaming
  • Reviews
  • Internet
  • Social
  • Microsoft
  • Software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Yahoo
  • General 
  • Outlook mail
  • office
  • Windows
  • And other topics that are technology oriented.

These are the topics that all our blogs will be based on. If you have any content on the above given topics, you can share with us and be a part of developing our site.

Criteria for submitting:

  1. The content you sent us must be completely original and free from all sorts of copy, paste. It must be completely written by you even if it is posted by you in any other site, we can’t accept such content. It is your responsibility to check the uniqueness of your content before sending the content to us. 
  2. When you get data or statistics from others, you must give citations to the original source. 
  3. You must write the minimum word limit of 1000 words, it should not be less than that of 1000 words.
  4. We do not promote any brand promotion on our site, so if your content’s focus is only to promote your business then we cannot accept it. 
  5. Your content must contain 1-2 sentences that summarizes the entire topic.   
  6. Any image you use in your content in webslosh must be original and in the dimension of 895 & 537. 
  7. Though we do not promote any brand, in your bio you can add links to your social media in a maximum of 3 sentences. 

How do I begin?

  • If you are struggling with how to start writing, you can visit our site and read the articles that are already published. 
  • Also check whether you do not submit the same topics that are already on our site. 
  • Note the content quality in our content since we expect the same quality from any writers who write for us. 

Procedure for publication:

  • Once you send us the content, we will review your article in-depth so make sure that your content is well-written, original and be useful for the readers. 
  • If it is necessary, the team of researchers and editors have rights to change and modify the content. 
  • Once your submitted articles get approved, you will get a confirmation within 2-3 business days.
  • After your article is submitted on our site, you cannot post it anywhere else.

Kindly note that all the guest posts are only eligible for ‘one-year’ duration which means after one year of the post being published is over, we can remove the post from our website.

For that, you can straightaway email us at ‘info.webslosh@gmail.com’ We will assure you to get back to you within 2 | 3 business days! 

  • Any content that you can see in our site is available to you only for informational purposes and it’s completely the user’s decision whether to use it or not. We do not guarantee or assure the accurateness and completeness of contents. So any user who plans to use the information personally must do their own research before implementing. Also please note that we do not officially belong to any brands or services that we refer to on our site. Our contents are just for users to clarify the errors they face with the use of images, names, links or media.